Sunday, August 31, 2008

Tønder Festival!

Hej Guys!!

I've had a very exciting and busy weekend! My host parents, Maria and Anders took me to a music festival in Tønder (near the border to Germany)! Tønder is about a 2 hour drive from Ringe. And it's really funny because in Denmark people think that's a really long time in the car. I just laugh because up in Alaska, we know that 2 hours is NOTHING! haha.. These pics are from when we crossed the bridge from Fyn to Jutland (my very first time!) and I was pretty excited! It was SO pretty!

But the festival was the coolest thing! We had so much fun! And there were tons of bands and singers from USA, Canada, Scotland, Ireland, Denmark (of course), Germany, England, etc.. My newest favorite group is called Madison Violet from Canada. We heard them in concert on Saturday night and I LOVED them! We bought the cd! We also heard Eddi Reader from Scotland, who was fabulous! and Altan from Ireland who was also REALLY REALLY good! (we bought their cd too.. hehe) I loved the festival!

We also got to go to Germany! It's about 7 kilometers from where we were staying in Tønder, so we went to a supermarket to buy some stuff in Germany. It is MUCH MUCH cheaper to buy stuff in Germany than in Denmark because of taxes.. so a lot of people wait and buy stuff in Germany, like Nutella and candy and soda and beer..

AND we also visited Møgeltønder, a really old and really beautiful town close to Tønder. The church is just SOO pretty and the graveyard they have is probably the most beautiful one I have ever seen... it's just so nice with lots of flowers and trees.. So the picture on the left is one of the church and part of the graveyard. The picture on the right is the main street in Møgeltønder. There is also a Prince that lives in Møgeltønder in a really beautiful palace/mansion. You can only walk up to the gate entrance, but it pretty cool! On the left is a picture of me and the gate.. Me and Maria in Møgeltønder :)

Well that was my weekend! Tomorrow I start language school after normal school! So that's REALLY exciting! I've been wanting to start language school since I got here because I know it will help A LOT when it comes to learning Dansk. But now I'm going to sleep! Godtnat! love, francine :)


court-knee said...

YES!!! first one like i said!! you know why? because im awesome that how. sound fantastic adn ill have to check out these violet fellows. okay i o not wish to offend but i could not help but chuckle when you said it was the prettiest graveyard. haha oh brother. i sure hope im not the only one who found humor in this =S

Heather said...

i miss u lots! reading
this is really hard
i try not to look at this
everyday. we had our
first swim meet and won!
the swim team party
was not the same without
u. when u get back
i have so much to tell u
love and miss u TONS