Monday, August 25, 2008

Camp on Saturday/Sunday and shopping today..

Hey guys!

Ok! A lot to fill you in on! I've been PRETTY busy.. (which is of course, good)! Alrighty.. I'll start with Saturday!
left: (shannon, gonzalo from Chile and kyla)

Saturday: Woke up.. went over to Bjarke and Solvej's at about 14:00 (they use military time here) and met Kyla there.. we planned on using Bjarke's Wii but that didn't happen.. and then we went and picked up Chiara at her temporary home near Årslev and headed to camp (which was at a kind of boyscout cabin.. very cool!). We met all the kids with AFS on Fyn (about 15 or 16 kids) and we played games and talked and made food and ate and had a sleepover... Bende is the person in charge of AFS on Fyn and she stayed with us at the scout cabin.. Nikolai came along via my invitation and he kept us up ALLLLLL night.. i got like 4 hours of sleep so I was VERY VERY tired all day Sunday.. (tak nikolai!) And Nikolai hooked up with Chiara.. greattt.. so here's a picture..

Sunday: We woke up at like 6.. me and shannon.. and then we made food at like 9 and then we went tromping through the woods for fun and took some sweeeet pictures.. We came back to the cabin, cleaned up and made food because all of our host families came and had lunch with us! There were like 50 people.. All the AFS students had to introduce themselves, tell where they were from and where they live now and introduce their host families! It was super fun! Of course, we have all learned how to say all this in danish. left: (me and Rebeca from Venezuela) right: (my south american pals, Pablo from Colombia, Adriana from Peru (left), Rebeca from Venezuela (middle), and Veronica from Chile (right))

OK OK.. that was this weekend! Today I went shopping with 2 of my friends from school that are in my class, Bolette (left) and Nicka (middle). We took the train to Odense and then walked downtown and I bought a few things (including an awesome dress.. ) So we had a lot of fun! And then I stopped at Bjarke's to pick up a couple things, came home and had some soup and now i'm blogging!

Ok! You're all caught up! Gotta SLEEP (i'm always so tired here! ahhhhhhh!)
loveee from DK, francine


Danielle said...

Thanks for the update! I look forward to your blogs so much! It's nice to hear what you're doing each day and see pics of the friends you're making. How neat that Nikolai got to go to camp with you! I mailed a box on Friday. I'll be anxious to see how long it takes to get there! Gotta go to work..... have a great day!
Love, Mom

court-knee said...

so on t.v. there was this cartoon about the hulk. AND he had gray long hair. whats up with that?!?! anywho i second the motion you mother made. except i dont remember who Nikolai is. but i think i remember he's a boy. and i didnt send i package to you. sorry. still working on that. oh yea and i dont have to go to work. because im looking forward to being a hobo who stands on the corner by fred myers holding up a cardboard sign. but other than that its the same. i thought it would be easier to just second your mom but i seem to have written more than i had originally planned. oh brother.