Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Dansk school and Taasinge!


I'm surprised at how fast time goes by! Every time I reread my blogs it's funny that it's been a month since I first got here! And two months ago I was so nervous and excited about coming and I had no idea what it would be like here.. and now i'm here! In Denmark! In Ringe! It's crazy..

I started language school on Monday after normal school at my Gymnasium. I don't know if I already mentioned that you can look at my school's website at, but it's in Danish.. so good luck! So anyway! Danish school! I am actually disappointed so far because I haven't learned very much and the teacher is teaching much.. so hopefully it will get better! or I will have to say something and make some changes because I AM GOING TO LEARN DANISH! haha.. that's my goal! So I've been taking the train to Odense 2 days a week for language school. These pictures are of the train station in Ringe and me on the train.. trying to be discreet.. hehe

And then yesterday Bjarke took me to Langeland (an island south of Fyn) which is gorgeous! It's so pretty! And I got to go up in this tower (on the right) in a church called Bregninge Church and get a great view and take some nice pictures! And we also saw a castle.. Bjarke says it's called Valdemar Castle. It was pretty cool! Right on the water and you drive through these archways right past the castle when you're driving on this road.. ahh! It's so pretty! I can hardly explain it because it's something I think you can't picture in your head without seeing it for yourself.. I hope my pictures can help you imagine :) The top pictures are of me in the tower and the bottom left pictures are of the castle, Valdemar Castle and other pictures from Tassinge.

Bjarke also told me the story of Elvira Madigan and Sixten Sparre who are the ORIGINAL Romeo and Juliet.. the ones Shakespeare stole the story from and changed. And we saw where they committed suicide.. or at least the woods where they were said to have killed themselves. And there's a museum dedicated to them. We didn't get to go inside, but I took a picture of the outside.. hehe.. If you have some extra time you should read up on Elvira Madigan and Sixten Sparre (p.s. this picture isn't the woods.. i didn't get a picture of them.. sorry!)

Ok.. there's one last thing I want to write about today! Yesterday I passed around a notebook and asked my classmates to teach me a phrase in Danish. My friend, Gonzalo from Chile actually told me to try it out and it was pretty funny! Here are the phrases my friends thought I should know in danish:

Jeg er smuk og dejlig! = I am beautiful and lovely!

Jeg er klog = I am smart

Jeg er lækker = I'm hot (haha)

Jeg savner dig = I miss you (and I do..)

Jeg skal nok blive rigtig god til dansk = I will become very good at speaking danish (and I will! count on it!)

Nicka er sej = Nicka is cool (hehe.. you are Nicka!)

Javel! = yes sir/mam!

Hvordan har du det? = How are you?

Hvor kommer du fra? = Where are you from?

Hold kæft/hold mund = shut up!

Ha en god dag = Have a nice day!

Vi ses i morgen = See you tomorow!

Jeg elsker dig! = I love you!

Det forstår jeg ikke = I don't understand (I think I need to memorize this one.. heh)

But I hope I've helped you learn a bit of Dansk! even though the words actually sound much different than they look.. we'll work on that another day! :)

Lots of love! Francine


court-knee said...

oh goodness!! i feel like ive learned so much!! so this it like haunted? or maybe a danish vampire!!! oh intense!! oh who knew that that william is a plagerizer!! gasp! how naughty!! well it souunds like one of your classmates thinks your hot. goodness!

laurie said...

hey francine how are you? having fun in denmark?

Danielle said...

Interesting reading.... thanks! I love the notebook idea! Did your friends at school enjoy the Skittles? :)

Sayhey said...

Thanks for the lesson. I'm sure it sounds better when your friends say it than the way I butchered it... I guess Wm. Shakespeare was the world's first "sampler"!

*breanne* said...

Hi Francinee Pants! I miss you so much and am really excited to leave my 1st comment on your awesome blog. I love the lay out! so pretty :) anyways, i hope you are having an amazing time and i know you will be as fluent as a Dane(?, Danish person?) in like no time at all! I BELIEVE! also, i was happy to read the word gymnasium because i just learned about that in english! hee hee. well i love you and miss you...-Big Mamma Bre :)

Emily said...

that's so cool!
did you know that "hold mund" (shut up) is basically the same in german?
how do you say the camel stands on three legs in danish? cuz i think i wanna learn how to say that in as many languages possible before i die...yup. i dream big.