Sunday, August 17, 2008

Keeping Busy

Hej Everyone!

I know it's been a while since I last blogged but I've been pretty busy! haha.. Parties and such.. you know.. Nahhh. I went to a party for school on Friday but I went to a friend's house before and then we all drove to the party together. Just so you know: Danish teenagers drink more than any other nation's teenagers. It was insane. Kids smoking and drinking outside.. with teachers.. buying beer and alcohol.. it was crazy! I drank some but not very much.. there was dancing and that was fun! My host mom picked me up at 1 but the party was going until 4 am! And this is normal.... Ok so that was friday.. (this pic is from saturday.. i just couldn't fit it in the saturday section)

Saturday: I woke up and Bjarke called me and invited me to go to this "Harbor Party" in Ringe (my town) with him and Solvej. The funny thing about the harbor party is that I live in the middle of an island.. where there is no harbor.. Haha.. It was at our lake but it was so much fun! So I went over to his house, had some breakfast and killed some bees.. haha.. And then we went to the party walked around listened to a big band and took pictures. Then we went and picked up Kyla in Ulbolle and went to dinner the four of us. And then had ice cream! yuuuummmm.. Annnd then we went home, had some girlie drinks (me and kyla) called Kiss Me Quick! which was very good! Went back to the harbor party where we had some beers and Kyla and I danced with the locals.. hehe.. Kyla came back to my house and slept over.. Ok!

Sunday: Bjarke called us, came over for breakfast and then we went to Odense. We went to this market where you can buy stuff CHEAP. I got a scarf (finally!! I've been wanting one and I really like it!) and a cheap watch that I love :) And then we went to the Blomsterfestival (Flower festival) and listened to some good music, enjoyed the sun, took pictures, and bought some candy.. haha Bjarke's treat. And now I walked a kilometer home from Bjarke's and am writing this.

School's going good! I'm kind of excited to go back tomorrow! I like everyone in my class! They're all so nice! I don't understand anything in class and I can't read my text books. .haha.. but Bjarke reminded me that going to school is so that I can make friends and immerse myself in the culture. Not so much learning in class. So I got some good markers and have been spending a good amount of time drawing in class :) My friends help translate some but I just chill in class. I'm really happy that everyone is so nice and treats me like they already know me! It helps make me feel at home and keeping busy. I like it! OH! Someone blogged asking how to say "hej!" It's pronounced hi. Super easy!

OK: A few things I have discovered since I got here.

1. When the light at the intersection changes from red to green it goes red, yellow, green.
2. If you sneeze in Denmark people don't say ANYTHING. I have a funny story about that.
3. Clothes and pretty much everything is 4x as much as you pay at home so don't complain to me..
4. Danes like beer.
5. The most helpful phrase is "Hvad?" (what? in danish)

That's all for now.. But now I'm going to go take a nap!


Mayland said...

Hi Francine

We just had a splendid day in Odense today. Both Solvej and I enjoyed it heaps.



Danielle said...

Thanks for the update. Sounds like a busy but fun weekend! I had a GREAT conversation with Maria.... I think we talked for an hour. I love her all the way from Alaska! By the way, your friend (Kyla?) is absolutely beautiful! By the way ... so are YOU! I love you!

court-knee said...

oh geesh. im wordless. markering in CLASS?!?!/ im so jealous!! okay a whole year of drawing and your gonna get good. you beta hope you dont get better then me! haha sounds like your having fun drinking. school starts for me tuesday and i think i might use your excuse of foreign student. i hear there's gonna be a german boy and maybe i can lock him in a closet and pretend to be him. who knows. have fun drinking away!

Kimberly said...

I'm sorry I keep missing your IMs! This 6 hour time difference is a pain in the butt! I don't know how you're dealing with a 10 hour difference from home! haha I love your pictures- sooo pretty! I'm glad you're making a lot of friends and having fun. I want to hear more about the party you went to! I have to tell you my stories about Portugal. They party all night there too! It's crazy! Well, I'm leaving for OHIO tonight! I will be home on Friday so maybe we will chat then! Miss you!

Jennifer Angaiak said...

Francine! I finally took the time to take a peek at your blog, and I'm so excited for you! I'm going to have to side with one of your Mom's comments, that it's weird to hear about you drinking.... : ) But when in Rome.... Or Ringe....

Congrats on making it, have a great year, and enjoy being a slacker while you still can! ; ) I'm looking forward to reading about your adventures!

-Ms. A

Sayhey said...

Wow... your junior year is gonna way better than mine! And I'm glad to hear that your host family is so awesome! Amanda did great in her play... she's a natural (of course) and now she has the theatre bug. She wants to audition for another show in September. All the beagle puppies have found homes except one... Amanda is sad but Uncle Karl and me are glad it's almost over. Oh yeah, thanks for the Danish lesson. Now I can say "hi" but be thinking "hej"! :) Love you!

Memere said...

Hi Francine

I'm taklking with your mother and she's helping me figure this out.
Love, Memere