Sunday, August 10, 2008

Seeing A Boarding School

Hey guys! (that's for you mom because I know you don't like the Hej!)
Today my host parents, Maria and Anders, and I brought Nikolai my host brother to his boarding school about 17 kilos away. Boarding school is very common for kids going into 9th or 10th grade here in Denmark. So I was really excited about seeing a boarding school. The school Nikolai is going to has 3 lines. A line is like a group of classes and topics that you choose. So at this school the lines are adventure (sports and stuff), Musik (self explanatory), and Creative arts (like designing clothes and other arts). You still have to take math and sciences but the line you choose is kind of like your elective classes- the ones you get to choose for fun. So anyway.. after we said goodbye to Nikolai (who is going to come home every other weekend or so) Maria and Anders took me on a scenic tour of southern Fyn. The first picture is just one of the beautiful houses here. I feel bad showing you these pictures because they don't do the real thing any justice. It's hard to capture what your eyes see in a photo....... but i'm working on it!haha.. We also saw this castle that a rich family lives in, but again.. the real thing is MUCH prettier! But I think one day after school this week I will ride my bike down the road and just take good pictures of the gorgeous houses I see. I keep thinking about the other day when I was riding from my host mom's brother, Bjarke's house back home and I saw someone getting married at the church in town. It was the prettiest thing I have ever seen.. I don't know why. It was just sunny and everyone looked so happy and I thought "Stop and take a picture!" but I didn't and I regret it so much! Maria says there will be a thousand more opportunities like that but I'm not sure.. It was too perfect.
Oh! I don't know if I told you that I start school on Tuesday! Ah!! I'm kind of nervous, but I know I'll be okay. Bjarke, who is SUPER nice is going to come to school with me and help me figure out what classes I'm going to take.. so I feel better about the whole school thing already! But now I think I will sleep because I can't keep my eyelids open any more! I've had a long day!
So... Godtnat!


court-knee said...

so i'm watching the olympics and i heard there is a badmitton i thought i'd let you know tht i will lower my patrionism and you know wave a mini danish flag. who knows!! hope your hving fun riding your bike everywhere. better be careful you might get bulky muscular legs!! miss you and eat some carbs!!

Danielle said...

so.... do they eat danish? :) By the way, I passed my Fitness Test yesterday..... woohoo... good for another year! All is good here. Jeffrey and Brian arrive in about 4 hours. Thank goodness the sun finally came out today. I'm glad you're adding pictures. I love seeing what you're seeing. You're right, you should've taked a picture of the wedding! Take some pics with you and your host family!
Love you..... Mom
BTW I LOVE the hej thing! I pissed Dad off the other day because I kept saying "hej hej". Elliot laughed. Dad did not. :)

Laura Buck said...

Hi Francine!!!

Thanks so much for sharing, you know our Alaskan lives can become so humdrum and living vicariously through you will definitely add some adventure! What you are doing and what you have already done is amazing. You're just such a refreshing and accomplished young lady, I'm proud to call you my friend. Have fun on Tuesday, I look forward to sharing in your journey. Love, Laura

Sayhey said...

Wow! Cool house. Looks like something from a painting... Sounds like you are having a great adventure so far! So help me with the pronunciations please. How do I say Hej? Also, how do you pronounce Bjarke? Is the j silent? Amanda's play was fabulous. She did a great job and now has the theatre bug. I took her to see Mama Mia with Uncle Karl and they both loved it. Now I can't pry the soundtrack out of Amanda's hands. That's my girl!!! said...

Hey Francine..

I worked out how 2 use it.. :)
My poor clueless sister is still trying to figure it all out.. :)

It sounds like ur having a great time over there!! So glad u got there ok & r enjoying urself!
Did u know much Danish before u wnt over there??
It sounds like a great opportunity.. You've inspired me 2 do 1 myself.. Someday.

Anonymous said...

Hey Francine,
You look like your having the most amazing time! it would be so awsome 2 b ther with you...So did u get given a bike? that wouldhave been so much fun being in Copenhagen..Im still massivly jealous! lol..If u see Princess Mary u have to take pics 4 me :P im a massive fan of hers! we will hopefully send u and your host family a little something aussie soon :P

i hav written u an email as well ther was just to much to say!

ur an awsum penpal..and for sum bizarre reason i miss you more now than before :P don't ask! lol

love you lots
Merryn xox

Sophie said...

Deeeeeeear Francine,
I'm pretty sure you were made for Denmark. Seriously. But swim season started today and I am currently playing the role of deck bait. I had knee surgery and it was peachy. We practiced "Holes in Beef", we still got it. However, it just wasn't the same without you. There just isn't enough curly hair on that team anymore. Have a lovely time, eat the food, live the life. Bike.

chanda said...

hey francine!

it sounds like you're having a blast in denmark. it must be sooo cool to learn another culture and everything!
can't wait to read more of your blogsss...


Anonymous said...

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