Friday, August 8, 2008

Visiting Ulbolle :)


So I'm actually in Ulbolle right now which is on the southern tip of Fyn (pronounced foon) near Svendborg. My friend Kyla (from Australia) who has been living in DK for 6 months lives in Ulbolle and invited me and another girl, Shannon from New Zealand, to sleep over tonight. And GOD is Danmark beautiful! I LOVE it! And when you take the train, which you can take from the northern most tip of Jutland (pronounced uland) to Sweden (!!!) you see such amazing views.. it kills me how surreal it all is. I mean - I'M IN DK! Tomorrow I go back to Ringe, Sunday I'm going with my host family to bring my brother, Nikolai to boarding school 17 kilometers away or so, and Tuesday I start school!

So I'm going to go! Please blog back! Vi ses (we'll see you in dansk)!
Oh! And my mailing address, if you care to send me anything is
Svenborgvej 85, 5750 Ringe, Denmark

Hej Hej :)


Heather said...

it sounds like you are traveling alot allready. Its awsome that you have allready made new friends so quickly. I hope you are having fun. We all miss you up here!

Anonymous said...

OK, you're already freaking me out a bit with your "og hej hej" .... Yikes ......... I almost don't even know you already!
-love, your biological mom, still stuck in AK :)

Danielle said...

sorry 'bout the "anonymous" thing.... I'm having trouble with the blogging thing. :)

Shannon said...

Wahooooooooooooooooooo Your with me in Ulbolle YUS lol NZ and U.S.A/Alaska buddys. hehe

Patty said...

Hey Girlie!
i see your having tons of fun and all that but dont forget that ALL your friends over in the ak is missing you and we love you.
You already made friends and thats awesome!
i still have that mental pic in my head about what you described to me earlier on msn. its wonderful. your so lucky!

court-knee said...

oh geesh!! i'm surprised you still know how to speak English!! i hope you are working on the whole accent thing. so i was wondering....have ny of your new fangled danish friends ever heard of the appl bottom jeans song? if not i think you should culturize them!