Monday, August 25, 2008

School and interesting tid bits :)


I've had a few people asking questions about school and basic facts about Denmark.. so here we go! Let me know if you have more questions!

The weather over here is pretty crazy! It rains a lot and the weather can change from raining like it was the end of the world 1 minute to being BEAUTIFUL 5 minutes later.. it's insane..
The food is actually very similar to what we eat at home.. They eat A LOT of bread here though (not that i'm complaing.. i LOVE bread but it's my weakness..). They also have really dark bread that tastes pretty weird but once you start eating it after a week or two you start to like it.. some people at least. It's very common in Denmark. My family eats a lot of potatoes and pasta and fish and meat, which is about average in most families, I think. They have something, almost a dressing that you can eat with french fries or on bread (pretty much with anything), called Remolade pronounced Remoolell. I pretty much LOVE it! It's the best stuff ever.. haha..

School is 5 days a week. We usually start at 8 and go until 13:30. But about twice a week you stay until 15:10. We have gym once a week and most people shower after gym class. And I think I already mentioned that in Denmark they shower communally at school: no stalls, no curtains. Not a biggie for me but it's a problem for a lot of exchange students. Oh! And if a teacher can't make a class and can't find a substitute, the class is just cancelled!! It's the best thing EVER! For example: tomorrow my spanish (spansk) class is cancelled so I have and hour and a half of free time between 2 classes.. I think it's one of the coolest things ever..

That's about it for now! Keep reading and messaging me!
love francine :)


Shriver said...

You are so much better at blogging then I am. I suck at it. It's funny that my house doesn't even have a bottle of remulade in it. I wish that they had the bread with remulade and roasted onions like at camp, I really enjoyed that! Showers, yeah... I am used to them from home where my school is the same, but nobody takes showers at home. School is so different though, no rules! I love the freedom to do whatever you want, like today I slept through a class in the morning and nobody even cared when I showed up an hour late. Teachers are not respected very much though.

court-knee said...

oh geesh. can i go to school in denmark? bby the way, i think there;s something wrong with me. it takes me like 45 trys to get the word verification right.