Tuesday, September 30, 2008



A quick blog! Last week we took a couple pictures of some of the kids in my sprogskole (language school) and I wanted to post them on my blog! Language school is actually getting much better! I like my teacher and I feel like I'm doing something PRODUCTIVE. It's good! On Monday we learned verbs and how to put sentences together. I feel like I already knew quite a bit just from talking at home and trying to talk at school.. but learning more verbs was really helpful! And I have sprogskole again tomorrow so that will be good!

Oh! I was walking over to Bjarke and Solvej's house on Sunday night to pick up some musik and I walked through the town square to take some cash out of an ATM and I just HAD to stop and take a picture because it was SOO cool! It was kind of getting dark and the lights were on and the fountain was going and NO ONE was there. One of those freaky and yet really cool moments, I think.. wait! ok so some guy was walking his dog.. but I just pretended he wasn't there... :) And anyway.. I got to call home on Sunday and it was SO nice to be able to talk to my Mom and Dad and Heather and Courtney! I tried calling a couple of you guys but no one answered! bleh! but I think talking to people at home helped my homesickness.. I feel a lot better!

Men jeg vil spise nu! (but I will go eat now!) Sooo I'll try to blog again in a couple days! francine

Sunday, September 28, 2008

A good weekend! and dealing with homesickness..

Hej guys!

Wow I had a REALLY good weekend! Friday I went to Kyla's school's party (the Gymnasium fest) and then her host dad, Jens brought me home friday night. Saturday morning and afternoon I helped make\prepare food because my host mom Maria and Bjarke's Farfar (grandfather) died last week and there was a funeral and wake for him.. so I helped make food. And then after that, we finished at like 4 and I went back to Kyla's house. Saturday was also Mie, Kyla's host sister's 18 Fødselsdag (birthday) so Kyla's host family was all together and it was SO nice! I had a really good time! And we slept in this morning and just chilled all afternoon.. and then Bjarke and Solvej picked me up and took me home. So we are about to eat and I thought I could write a quick blog! I know I haven't been writing! I'm sorry! But there hasn't been very much to write about.
But I DO want to talk about being homesick! I know you guys read a lot about how much fun I'm having and that I really like Denmark (and I do!) but it's also important that you understand that this is not a vacation. I have been getting homesick, and it's really hard. I am SO lucky to have people like Maria and Bjarke and Kyla and my friends at school (who are SO good to me!) that care about me and who I can talk to about how I feel. It's hard knowing that i'm missing things at home.. but I try to remind myself that I'm going home at the end of my exchange and I shouldn't be sad. I really do love being here, and I wouldn't change anything. But being away from home is hard. And you should know that being an exchange student involves dealing with homesickness.. it's not easy.
I don't have any pictures for this blog! Sorry! I know looking at pictures makes it so much more interesting! I will ask Kyla if she has any pictures.. But now I'm going to go eat! Thanks for keeping up with my blog! I miss you guys at home and am thinking about you! Love, Francine

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Trip to Germany!

Hej again!

I wanted to write another blog about my trip to Germany today! Bjarke and Solvej needed to go to stock up on Cola and candy and such because almost EVERYTHING is cheaper in Germany due to taxes here in Danmark. So, I got to go along! And pick up some stuff and help buy candy and other necessities.. hehe.. Oh! and mom! I found Oreos in Germany! horray!

So anyway.. it was a lot of fun! It was about an hour drive there and back. We were going VERY fast.. i think. They calculate speed in kilometers per hour.. so it's difficult. But.. it was fast. I fell asleep on the way home though and then we had Cafe Latte when we got home. I don't think I've written about it yet, but Bjarke has this WONDERFUL cafe latte machine and I was recently educated in the art of operating it. So now, because I know how to make them.. Bjarke lets ME make all of our cafe lattes. yummmmmmm

And now I am home! No big plans for tomorrow.. except I THINK Bjarke and I are going to the swimming hall together :) But I'll blog soon! Don't worry! love francine

Egeskov Market


I've been reading your comments! Thanks so much! haha.. I will TRY to blog more frequently! :) But I don't do exciting things EVERY day.. and I know you don't want to hear what I do at school. (hint hint.. it's close to nothing!) Last Wednesday, however, I did something VERY fun! I missed school (my first time since I started here) and went to this huge market, Egeskov Market, with Kyla and Bjarke! It was SO much fun! Probably even more fun because I got to skip language school too! I haven't been learning ANYTHING at language school and it's been really frustrating and annoying for me. But i'm trying to be patient.. So anyway! We went to Egeskov Market and then back to Bjarke's house to hang out. Kyla ended up sleeping over on Wednesday night (she slept over sund. tues. and wed.) because we just have SO much fun and Thursday morning Bjarke took her to an airport in Jutland so she could catch a ride over to the Netherlands (Holland) to visit her Auntie. So that was Wednesday! And you can look at my sweet pictures and see how much fun we had! OH! And on Tuesday, I had Kyla cut my hair a couple inches because 1) I trust her.. I've seen her cut someone else's hair and 2) It's SO expensive to get your hair cut in DK. But anyway! It turned out really good and I really like it!

Ok! Regarding the party I went to last week: yes it was a hangover. However.. I have been talking to a lot of friends at home and here in Denmark, and I'm in a sticky situation. Drinking is a normal part of life here. I can't explain and try to make friends at home understand how it is here and how drinking is viewed, because I know that it is viewed very differently in the United States. I haven't forgotten. But, at the same time, I hope friends at home realize that I am not becoming alcoholic. Drinking at a party or a drink here and there is NOT alcoholic. Please recognize the difference. And if you have any questions about how drinking is viewed and treated in Denmark, I hope you ask me about it. :) I will not be writing about what I drink and when on my blog from now on to avoid offending anyone.
I'm so happy that you guys are reading my blog and commenting! Please keep it up! :) Love Francine

Monday, September 15, 2008

My weekend!

Hej everyone!

I'm sorry it's been so long since I last blogged! I haven't had too much going on actually.. I've been going to school and language school. But this Friday my school had a fest (party) and that was SO much fun! :) I went to a girl in my class house for a "before party" and then we all went to the Gymnasium (my school) party together! It was SO much fun! Kind of crazy that the teachers were selling us beer.. i'm still getting used to that.. and kids were smoking and drinking AT SCHOOL. But hey, it's Denmark!

And then I woke up Saturday with a VERY bad headache and only 6 hours of sleep under my belt.. and Bjarke called and invited me to go with him and Solvej to the market in Ringe and then for a nice walk.. So yesss I dragged myself down to the square and shopped around and then we went for a REALLY good walk down at Svanninge Bakker near to Faaborg and we walked around while Solvej took tons of cool pictures with her new expensive camera. AND THEN I got is (ice cream)! Good stuff.. I don't have any pictures right now but I'll put some on this blog in the next few days.. (hopefully)!

And then Sunday we just hung out at home, which was REALLY nice, and then we went to Anders' mom's birthday dinner.. She was surprising us with the place and we ended up going bowling! I wasn't very excited at first because I was still VERY tired from the party.. buttt it was so much fun! And then we ate and went back to Farmor's house (my host grandma's house) for coffee and chokolade (chocolate). Anddddd then we went to Bjarke's and I hung out there with Kyla, Solvej and Bjarke for a while and Kyla and I walked back to my house to go to sleep. And this morning Kyla took the train to Svendborg for school.. so it was super fun! We always have a good time when she comes and sleeps over! (at least i do.. hah)

Well... I hope everything is good at home! I miss you guys already! Is it cold up in Ak yet? Everyone here thinks it's getting cold.. he he.. it's TOTALLY not. I'm going around in tank tops and EVERYONE looks at me like my skin is green or something.. hah But I better go eat! I'm starving! Lots of love from DK, francine

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Hanging in Ulbølle :)


I went to Kyla's last night to sleepover in Ulbølle! I met three other exchange students from the Rotary that are Kyla's friends and go to school with her in Svendborg. Two of them are from Australia and have been here 8 months, just like Kyla. And the other girl is from Florida, so that was cool! We had so much fun! We made pizza.. (well kyla and her host mom made it.. we ate it!) and had ice cream and watched movies and slept on and off until three this afternoon. It was SO nice to sleep-in and just RELAX. I feel so good! haha.. and tomorrow Kyla's supposed to come over and hang out in Ringe with me and Bjarke and Solvej and then come over the my house so Maria can make Æblekage (applecake) for all of us! The æplecake here is much different than applepie.. it's so good! ahh i love it! But anyway.. Not to much else that's new.. just thought i'd catch you up on my weekend so far!

And thanks to everyone who's reading my blog and commenting! I like to know what you think of the blog and of what i'm doing over here.. So mange tak! (many thanks!) Francine :)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Dansk school and Taasinge!


I'm surprised at how fast time goes by! Every time I reread my blogs it's funny that it's been a month since I first got here! And two months ago I was so nervous and excited about coming and I had no idea what it would be like here.. and now i'm here! In Denmark! In Ringe! It's crazy..

I started language school on Monday after normal school at my Gymnasium. I don't know if I already mentioned that you can look at my school's website at http://www.midtfyns-gym.dk/, but it's in Danish.. so good luck! So anyway! Danish school! I am actually disappointed so far because I haven't learned very much and the teacher is teaching much.. so hopefully it will get better! or I will have to say something and make some changes because I AM GOING TO LEARN DANISH! haha.. that's my goal! So I've been taking the train to Odense 2 days a week for language school. These pictures are of the train station in Ringe and me on the train.. trying to be discreet.. hehe

And then yesterday Bjarke took me to Langeland (an island south of Fyn) which is gorgeous! It's so pretty! And I got to go up in this tower (on the right) in a church called Bregninge Church and get a great view and take some nice pictures! And we also saw a castle.. Bjarke says it's called Valdemar Castle. It was pretty cool! Right on the water and you drive through these archways right past the castle when you're driving on this road.. ahh! It's so pretty! I can hardly explain it because it's something I think you can't picture in your head without seeing it for yourself.. I hope my pictures can help you imagine :) The top pictures are of me in the tower and the bottom left pictures are of the castle, Valdemar Castle and other pictures from Tassinge.

Bjarke also told me the story of Elvira Madigan and Sixten Sparre who are the ORIGINAL Romeo and Juliet.. the ones Shakespeare stole the story from and changed. And we saw where they committed suicide.. or at least the woods where they were said to have killed themselves. And there's a museum dedicated to them. We didn't get to go inside, but I took a picture of the outside.. hehe.. If you have some extra time you should read up on Elvira Madigan and Sixten Sparre http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elvira_Madigan. (p.s. this picture isn't the woods.. i didn't get a picture of them.. sorry!)

Ok.. there's one last thing I want to write about today! Yesterday I passed around a notebook and asked my classmates to teach me a phrase in Danish. My friend, Gonzalo from Chile actually told me to try it out and it was pretty funny! Here are the phrases my friends thought I should know in danish:

Jeg er smuk og dejlig! = I am beautiful and lovely!

Jeg er klog = I am smart

Jeg er lækker = I'm hot (haha)

Jeg savner dig = I miss you (and I do..)

Jeg skal nok blive rigtig god til dansk = I will become very good at speaking danish (and I will! count on it!)

Nicka er sej = Nicka is cool (hehe.. you are Nicka!)

Javel! = yes sir/mam!

Hvordan har du det? = How are you?

Hvor kommer du fra? = Where are you from?

Hold kæft/hold mund = shut up!

Ha en god dag = Have a nice day!

Vi ses i morgen = See you tomorow!

Jeg elsker dig! = I love you!

Det forstår jeg ikke = I don't understand (I think I need to memorize this one.. heh)

But I hope I've helped you learn a bit of Dansk! even though the words actually sound much different than they look.. we'll work on that another day! :)

Lots of love! Francine