Thursday, August 28, 2008



There's not too much to blog about! I've been going to school (skole) and talking to friends and trying to learn danish.. haha.. I'm VERY excited because I start language skole in Odense on monday! whoo hooo!! And tomorrow my host parents, Maria og Anders are taking me to a music festival in Tønder (I think...) near the German boarder. So I can't wait!

Today in skole I got an ordbog (dictionary) that goes from spansk (spanish) to engelsk (english) because it's just TOO hard going from spansk to dansk (danish)! haha.. you can't even imagine.. And the I went to the library and the librarian gave me a book called "Citizen in Denmark" which is pretty much about renting apartments and everything you need to know about the doctors and well.. being a citizen in DK! self-explanatory.. but then I was reading it in class and I found out that it's illegal to hit children in Denmark! I never knew that! I have been talking to classmates and my host parents and Bjarke about it all day.. listening to their views and talking about mine and what's accepted in the United States. It's really interesting! Just so different that it took me by surprise! You won't see a parent hitting their kid in Denmark.. Anyway! I thought it was interesting and I wanted to share it with you!

Oh! Something else I just remembered! In the United States, if you need help you call 911. I found out that in Denmark you call 112.. isn't that funny? haha.. I thought it was..

Welll.. I can't think of anything else right now that I wanted to share.. hmmm.. nope! ok! i'm headed to bed!

godtnat! love francine :)


Chelsey Hoxie said...

Awhhh, dear.
I miss you soo much. Reading is just not the same with you to share my tragic love stories with.
im glad to hear that you are having a good time.
everything sounds so interesting.
well i better go.
miss you.

court-knee said...

oh goodnesss!! my parents are lucky its not illegal to hit children!! haha i would be out of luck as well, since we all know i like to hit random small children. well, i didnt even know that denmarkians could speak spanish! how simply mind-boggling!!