Monday, February 2, 2009

Vinterlejr - Winter Camp in Nykøbing

Hej guys!
First of all I want to say thank you for all the support and all the readers! It's been amazing lately how many people are reading and writing to me about doing an exchange! Så tak!!
(me and Snaper)
This weekend we had our Winter Camp in Nykøbing Falster! Which is kind of a long trip, considering we took the train. We should have taken the ferry, which goes from Svendborg straight to Nykøbing.. but at least now I know for next time! (when I go visit Ingrid from New Zealand.. below) It was a really good weekend being with exchange students and catching up with everyone! I love camps! Really I do.. but for me it was also a stressful and exhausting camp. It took us 3 hours to get to Nykøbing! (all the kids from Fyn went together and met up with others as they got on the train in other towns) AFS had sent all the exchangies tickets to Nykøbing, except they sent ME a ticket to Århus instead. So I had to buy my own ticket (300 kr or $60 which AFS will refund). Oh and yeah I kind of LOST this ticket sometime between Friday and Sunday and then had to buy ANOTHER ticket to get home (200 kr or $40) and almost missed the train home by 2 minutes! that was close! But aside from that it was really a good camp! The AFSers on Fyn and South Sjælland have been spending a lot of time together for the past month which makes me feel even closer to everyone.. which I love! (Gonzalo and Daiki and part of Francesca)
(Erika from Italy and Sara from Hong Kong)
(my gang on a walk.. it's funny when you scream "I HAVE A CAMERA!" a group emerges within seconds for a fabulous picture!)
Saturday night we had a big party where everyone had to dress up! I was feeling pretty sick though, just my luck, and I had to lie down for a lot of the night. But we still danced a lot! And didn't got to bed until 3! :) so much fun!
(Me and Vero)
(Erika from Italy, Daiki and Francesca)
(Erika, Pablo and Francesca)
(Lui from Hong Kong, Quentin from France and Pablo from Colombia)
Sunday we did something really cool! At the last camp we had to write letters to ourselves, about our goals and how we felt at the time. AFS kept the letters. And on Sunday we got them back! It was so funny to read it! I wrote a pretty good letter and it made me laugh to read what I thought I would want to hear in January. And then we got to write letters to ourselves again that AFS Denmark will send us in a year after we are home! I can't wait to get it next year! I put my first letter in the envelope too! And put little messages from me in my friends' envelopes that they will get next year! What a cool idea! I'm definitely bringing that idea home with me to AFS Alaska!
All in all a really good weekend. I'm just extremely tired as I haven't slept very long for the past few weeks and I could do with a long sleep! Keep in touch everyone! thinking of you at home..
love francine


Anonymous said...

Det var virkelig godt :) Hvornår skal ses vi igen? :)

Camille said...

De breve skrev vi også på en AFS camp før vi tog afsted! Jeg fik mit for et par uger siden. Det var rigtig sjovt at læse! :D
(I hope you can understand this xD)

Shriver said...

I don't think I have ever gotten a comment on my blog in danish... :( Oh well, I just need to tell my danish friends about my blog, then I will get a lot because they will look at it when they are bored in class.

court-knee said...

you are one hot mess my friend.