Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ministay in Næstved

Every year, AFS Denmark arranges a ministay for all exchangies. A ministay is where you live with another family in another part of the country for a week. So exchangies can see more of Denmark and experience another lifestyle, and potential host families can try having an exchangie to see if it's something they would be interested in doing for a year. I went to Næstved, a town in southern Sjælland along with Daiki, Francesca, and Veronica. It was really great! My host mom and dad Bodil and Jimmy, and host sisters Natasja (13) and Rie (17) are so sweet! I had so much fun with them! I went to school with Rie everyday at Næstved Gymnasium. (not that I like having to start over making friends in a new class.. it's hard work!) I saw Natasja and Rie do gymnastics one day. Friday Natasja and I hung out at home, because Bodil, Jimmy and Rie went to a 60-year birthday party, watching movies and I made tacos! And on Saturday AFS organized a trip to København (Copenhagen) for all the ministay exchangies and the exchangies living in south and mid Sjælland. It was so much fun! All our host sibling came (I took Rie). We went to a "working museum" which was REALLY boring.. but funny. We walked downtown and went up the Round Tower, which has an AMAZING view over Copenhagen! read more at http://www.copenhagenet.dk/CPH-RoundTower.htm
And then? SHOPPING TIME! whoo! Veronica and Fern (from Thailand) and I went together.. and I bought a new coat! which I love! we hit all these huge sales! Gotta love sales.. especially in Denmark! hah! then we all met up and took the train home.. I will see everyone again when we have our winter camp this friday in Nykøbing! Monday Veronica and I hung out after school in Næstved and walked around. We ate at a cafe called Vivaldi and it was so nice! just girl time :) And today I took the train home after we finished in school. Rie brought me to the station.. she has been so sweet to me! My ministay family has invited me to come back and visit anytime! It's funny.. I really missed Fyn.. and Bjarke and Solvej and my friends. And although I had a really good time on ministay, Daiki and I both said to each other as we stepped off the train in Ringe "ahh Ringe.. it's good to be home."


court-knee said...

tacos? really francine...tacos? and what the fa shiz is a "60-year birthday party"? if its for a sixty year old isnt that a litttle to old to be having a birthday party? what can you do at a party that age? you can pull a disk playing pin the tail, and its truely just wrong if they play spin the bottle...and for goodness sakes i dont even want to mention the dangerous of musical chairs!!!!!!!!you know what happened in 9th grade!! IM SCARED FOR LIFE!!! i wont ever look at a chair again without invountarily shuddering

Francine St. Laurent said...

you know it's really funny. Here in DK people are really healthy.. so 60 is nothing compared to people who have their GREAT grandparents alive at 92.. So I'm pretty sure they're capable of playing musical chairs at a 60 year birthday party.. :)

Camille said...

its because we bike so much. my theory is bikes = happiness = long life :D