Monday, February 23, 2009

Valentine's Weekend..

WOW! What a week! We were lucky enough to have a week of winter holiday! Thank god.. I needed a break from boring old school.. GAH! It was kind of hard figuring out what to do. Bjarke began kicking my butt a month ago to figure out what I was going to do for holiday. I had some ideas but I never decided or made plans. So the last day of school I was very panicky. I was 2 seconds away from buying a ticket to Norway to go visit Doug but it was too late to get permission from AFS Copenhagen.. and either way.. my wallet could use the break. I ended up hanging out with exchangies all week! what better way to spend my time? Friday Bjarke and Solvej had a really nice Valentine's dinner for me! It was such a cool surprise! They even gave me a really pretty necklace which I've loved for quite some time.. I made a big deal out of Valentine's this year. Being on exchange has really brought out the American in me.. I love to make a big deal out of our American holidays like Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day so my friends here will remember their American exchange student. I made Valentine's for all the kids in my class and my mom sent me American candy which was just perfect! I back cookies too and everyone was so surprised! I love that feeling!

Saturday I had a little movie night at my house.. most of the exchangies (unlike me) had made plans and were on ski tours but Pablo and two of the newbies on Fyn (Evelyn from Guatemala and Sara from Colombia) came and we had so much fun! We had pizza that Bjarke made! yummm... and watched movies! Pablo slept over and Sunday morning we walked down the street for bread.. I love that I can walk down the street and buy bread from the bakery whenever I want (and no matter what Bjarke tells you I volunteered that morning to buy bread). I am going to miss that.. Later on Sunday I went to my friend Casper's house where we had another movie night with Nicka, Maria and Stephanie! (I know.. so healthy right?) It's so nice hanging out with friends.. and just relaxing!

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