Thursday, February 26, 2009

dwindling time in the back of my mind.

SO many things have been on my mind lately! As my days here are dwindling... I'm starting to realize I have to make the most of every day! But the thought of going home is scary.. not because I don't want to go home and see everyone, but it feels like home here and my exchange has gone by in the blink of an eye. I'm enforcing a "no talking about going home" policy. But it's hard, and it's not as if I'm going home tomorrow. Pablo is even having nightmares 3 times a week about going home! We're all nervous and scared about the end of June.
And aside from that looming in the back of my mind.. I'm in a rut when it comes to school. I swear I end up talking about it once a day and I think if I write about it on my blog then I will release some of the stress. I'm in what I term a "school blues".. I don't like going to school. I love my friends there and I basically go to see them, but I end up sitting there with my laptop or attempting to listen and falling asleep. It's that bad. I used to love school! back when I had an actual goal and I could follow the classes.. And as Bjarke says, it IS my responsibility to make school fun and productive. But I'm just stuck in a rut and I need to push myself and make school something I WANT to do.
I also found out that I am going to live in a boarding school for a week! Remember when I first came and I mentioned that Nikolai was going on an efter skole (after school or boarding school) and now I get to try one! It's very common in Denmark to go to an efter skole when you're 14 or 15 (10th grade here) I decided I wanted to go to an art school and I get to go to a really good one in Faaborg where Francesca lives and the same efter skole my best friend Bolette went to!
And the week after that I am going to Milano with my class! In one month!! I'm unbelievably excited! It will be so much fun to travel with my friends and get to see Italy! I'll keep you updated on our Milano trip..
That's all for now.. I just needed to vent a little bit! And keep you updated of course!
knus francine


Anonymous said...

It's the same for me in Norway. I go to school, so I can talk to my friends (which are about 2 or 3) but it's really not that fun to go when no one talks to you and you don't understand everything. It would almost be better without computers because everyone is always playing world of warcraft and kabal and such. But it's getting better since I'm getting better speaking norwegian. :) I have to go, so I am trying to make things good too. I've been starting to chat with my classmates on facebook and that gets them to know that I can speak better now. It's working so far. Just keep up your style and have fun. It's totally hard, but YOUR ON AN EXCHANGE IN DENMARK (and i'm in Norway) WHICH IS TOTALLY SUPER RAD! :) klem, kelsey

Anonymous said...

Yes is really scary think about that know! is so amazing that we feel the same thing and we have almost the same fears i also used to love the school, but know is completly different and i already was in the efterskole and was so amazing!! :) Really you will love it! The people is extremly lovely!! :) and in 1 month more the school trip.. and. Oh my God!! Is Crazy, well but we just have to have a really good time of after remember this year like one of the best of my life :)

Knus, Vero

Anonymous said...

I think the English name for "efterskole" is Continuation School.

As long as it is voluntary I see no problem students seeking these school, but when it is a sentence it is not OK. We fought for our daughter,when she was in risk of being exiled from her home and thanks God we won so she could stay with her family inside her comfort zone.

Francine St. Laurent said...

no no.. efter skole is by choice. It replaces the 9th or 10th grade in school.. and it's SO MUCH FUN!