Saturday, February 28, 2009

Danish Depression.

I'm actually really surprised.. Denmark is called "the Happiest country", yet people here are getting really depressed from the winter! Not what I expected of vikings. We've had 3 months of "winter" if you want to call it that. It's snowed like 3 times and all of it has melted. In Alaska we have up to 8 months of winter with -45 (C & F) temperatures. And ok so people in Alaska do get depressed.. but not like here. Everyone's spirits are down. They look like zombies.. and Solvej says it's because there's no sun. Bjarke and Solvej were even telling me that some people buy SUN MACHINES.. not with UV rays but just lots of light. So you sit in front of them and they make you happy. This one costs about 800kr ($160) hahaa.. WOW.. I have to say I'm disappointed in the vikings!


Camille said...

I must actually say that these sun-lamps are very nice!
But yeah, I suppose we're not as tough as we used to be..

Matthew said...

There called happy lamps.

Chris said...

You have to take some things into consideration, which you didn't.

Firstly, other European countries can have this too. Viking or not.

Secondly, winter time around Europe creates a strange aura, all the trees die, the historic buildings/castles etc look haunting, all the furry animals disappear, and everything goes quiet. You say you've been to Denmark? I shouldn't have to point this out.

Thirdly, Alaska is wintery/snowy more time than it isn't.
When there's snow everywhere it's pleasant to the eye, like sunshine.
Fish is eaten alot in Alaska.
It isn't eaten as much in Europe.

Please take these things into consideration next time.