Wednesday, February 11, 2009

but will the snow stick?

Hello again my avid readers!
As usual I have been keeping busy! and I have a few things to report:
Saturday I went to a concert! It was going to be me, Solvej, Bjarke and our friend Jens. But Solvej was feeling pretty sick Saturday afternoon so Bjarke let me take a friend! And I called Katja! We went to this place called Posten in Odense and heard Smukke Møller (which played like old danish songs that everyone knew.. except me!) and Den Danske Mafia (the Danish Mob) which were some friends of Bjarke! aand it was SO good! Blasting loud! but sooo soo good! When Katja and I finally hit the sack at 2 am we were screaming goodnight to each other, if you catch my drift! Be sure to check out the youtube video on my sidebar!
Sunday afternoon Bjarke, Solvej, our friend Rene, Rie and Lea and I went to see Twilight! I can't tell you enough how excited I was.. after waiting 4 months since it came out in the US. And I can't explain to you the depths of my sorrow and disappointment.. I had such high hopes. The books are my ultime favorite so nothing can compare. At least it was fun to do something together! (Rie, Lea & me before the movie started) Nothing else HUGE happening.. except I feel I must report to you that it snowed yesterday! Whooo snow! right? Except it was a "snow storm"! hahaha.. I really think it's so funny! It snowed a foot and it's actually staying this time! And they call it a snow storm! It's beautiful and everyone (but me) is running outside and throwing snowballs and making snowmen. I find it hard to be happy about snow.. but it is actually really pretty. In small doses! but will the snow stick this time? (our house below)Saturday is Valentines! I have a surprise for my class.. which you will also have to wait to hear about.. as a lot of kids in my class are reading this! hehe.. but I have a plan! I will write soon!
that's it for now! looking forward to winter holiday next week! keep reading!
love francine


Anonymous said...

Something is seriously wrong with u if you think snow is beautiful. I guess if u think failing and smakingur face on the snow covered pavements and then slowly bleeding into the snow is a beutiful thing then u seriously need to come back to alaska where the drinking age is twenty one.okay this is seriously ridiculous I can't log on I hate gooogle it's stupid I even wrote down my stinkin log on name and it won't let me !!!!!!!!!!!incase you can't tell by my bitter tone it's courtney

Bjarke og Solvej Mayland said...

Hi Courtney...

You really NEED to come over her to see for you self...haha
The only think we keep cold here is our Beer..:) and it is so much easier if you have SNOW.
But as we are real vikings, we might aswell have a snowfight while drinkin our Beer in the Garden..haha..
Somebody actually said: remember to eat the yellow could be that somebody spilled Beer...:)

And...Yes...this IS an invitation to join in...

Love Bjarke (Francine's very best host dad)

Camille said...

I told you the movie wasn't that great d: