Sunday, March 8, 2009

Hanging with Vero..

Ah! It's been too long since I've written! I've just been so crazy busy! I've been going to fitness quite a lot lately, which is a good thing! Wednesday we went to Shannon's house for dinner which was nice! It was so cool because I talked a lot with her little host brother (out of 4) Vigo who is 2.. and he taught me the animal names and sounds! hehe.. Solvej and I had fun with him!
Friday I was sitting at home after school and everyone was telling me they were busy! No one wanted to do anything! And then Veronica invited me to come to the Svendborg Gymnasium (like my school) Fest with her! So I took the train down there and we had SO much fun! There we live bands! And it was just so much fun! Vero moved host families about a week ago because her first host family only signed up for half a year.. so it was really cool to meet her new host family! It's just a mom, Sophia and her 14 year old daughter Victoria and they are just fantastic! Such cool and welcoming people! Saturday Vero and I hung out.. I asked her to cut my hair because she's so good at it and my hair was starting to resemble Hermione.. hah! But now it's fantastic! We walked in the town to see the second hand stores and the farmers market.. and it was just the best!
Vero's new street..
downtown Svendborg and the farmers' market Then I came home.. and relaxed a bit and my friend Stinna from my class came over because she's buying a computer from Bjarke. So she ended up hanging out with us and eating dinner and it was really nice!
AND... I started working at Biografen (the movie theater)! Finally! I've been wanting to start for months! It's volunteer work.. biografen is run by volunteers and the money it makes is used to keep it running. So it's entirely for the community which is just an awesome way to give back! And meet new people and practice danish.. plus if free movies are involved why wouldn't you?
Today I'm going to an efter skole down in Faaborg! and Daiki is coming to the same one! I've mentioned it before.. efter skole is like a more relaxed boarding school for kids 14 or 15.. and I get to try it out for a week! I'm excited to see what it's like and make new friends! I'll keep you updated on how it goes!
But now I can hear my laundry calling me.. keep reading!
love francine

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Camille said...

YAY! I had been waiting for that post to come :D but I understand that you dont always have time..
just letting you know that I really enjoy reading it!