Saturday, October 18, 2008

visiting Andrea


Hey Guys!

So this week we're off from school for our Autumn holiday and I went to visit my friend Andrea from Italy up in Silkeborg in Jutland. And it was very fun! So good to see him again! I haven't seen him since the orientation camp in the beginning of August. So anyway.. wednesday we went for a walk in the woods around where Andrea lives.. in Virklund/Silkeborg area. These forests are amazing! The trees are SO tall and it's just SO pretty! I swear.. if the stories didn't say Robin Hood was from England I swear he would be from Denmark! :) annnnnnd then we went to Århus with his host parents and we walked around a little bit.. but we spent 2 hours in this art museum. It was cool.. but i wanted to see more of the city. Bjarke says "don't worry! you'll see it!" haha..


Annnnd then on Thursday we just hung out.. went to Silkeborg to see the town but pretty much just watched movies and hung out. And on Friday Andrea took me and another exchange student, Jose from Mexico, to Himmelbjerget. Himmelbjerget is the tallest point in Denmark.. a mountain haha.. It's like 147 meters (about 161 yards) haha.. compare that to Mt. McKinley which is 6,194 meters (about 6,674 yards) hah! For those of you who don't know much about Mt. McKinley like my pals here in Denmark you should check it out at And it's really funny because the direct translation of Himmelbjerget is Sky Mountain. It's a big joke here in Denmark.. But there is a really good view from the top! I thought that was worth the bike there! haha..

So ok! After sky mountain we went home and made food for the exchange student party Andrea had. That was pretty fun! It was cool meeting other AFSers and Rotary kids from a different region. And we played games and ate food from different countries.. it was great!

Ok! This morning i woke up and Bjarke and Kyla came and picked me up! It was so nice! I was going to take the train but Bjarke had to have his car fixed or something close to where i was.. and said "What will you do for me if I pick you up?" soooo i'm assuming that I have to pay him back somehow.. G-R-E-A-T. haha.. but now i'm going to go grab something to eat!

hej hej!

love francine


Anonymous said...

Hi Sweetie

This will just be a fast comment, as i figured out that i am the first to comment on this one. So...I beat Court-Knee and your Mum this time....

Now I am just looking forward to our trip to CZ in 2 weeks....



court-knee said...

oh man!! i got beat!!! man im so distracted by the fact that im not first that i dont know what to say. lammmmmmeee!!! but dude, i learned in englih that you can use wikipedia as a source...that bad, so bad its banned

court-knee said...

i forgot the not. i repeat you can NOt use wikipedia!!

Francine St.Laurent said...

hahah courtney? we have known that for like 3 years... you just haven't been PAYING ATTENTION. What else can i say?