Monday, October 20, 2008


I just wanted to say thanks! My mom, my Grandma, and my friend Merryn (AUS) all sent me packages in the last 2 days and I wanted to say "TAK!" It's so nice to get mail! haha.. But really, who DOESN'T like getting mail? crazy people.. I have been trying to send postcards and letters out to you guys! I have been picking postcards up everywhere I go! It's so much fun! But a lot of people have been asking me my mailing address! haha.. I wrote it in an earlier blog but here it is again:

Svendborgvej 85
5750 Ringe

don't forget to send me yours too!
Well not too much else that's new! We started school up again today and it was so good to see everyone! And then... we finished at 11.30 today! It was great! Our last class was cancelled.. so I came home and then my host mom, Maria, and I went out to find a raincoat for me! It's so funny! because it rains quite often here and I didn't bring a raincoat when I came (i forgot mine mom.. ) and I have been SOOOOOO lucky! I think it's rained on me like 3 times.. that's it! But then i was thinking.. "hmmm my luck isn't going to last much longer.. i've almost been here 3 months (ahhh insane!)" so Maria and I went to like 5 clothing stores looking for a cute, cheap raincoat. No luck.. They were all like 600 kr ($120 plus) and ugly. And we're like "hmmm let's go to Netto to buy some crunchy peanut butter for Maria" (she doesn't like creamy peanut butter) and KABOOM! A cute, cheap, black raincoat.. 100 kr ($20) CHA CHING! haha so that's my day! fabulous!
but now i'm going to go to bed.. i'm tired! And I know there has to be at least ONE picture for this blog so this is a picture of my street (Svendborgvej) last Tuesday!

ok! thanks for listening to my ranting.. haha..
godnat (goodnight) love, francine


Anonymous said...

Ha...:) Again I am the first to comment on your Blog....
But i would love to taste all the wonderful cookies and lollies that your friends sent over...hehe

Love Bjarke

court-knee said...

lame...i hate having a life!!! now i never am the first to comment!!! okay so i think that hes cheating. your ten hours ahead!! i have to sleep sometime francine!! but hear me out!!!! i will be the first next time!!! you will seeeeeeeeeeee!!!
okay so 2 postcards and an amzing letter with pictures is on its way aling with a package....sometime....whenever we allg et together....pray for a miracle
by the way im eating grilled cheese

Anonymous said...

Hey it is kyle and i just want to tell you the i got glasses! but there are cool do not worry. they are green and orange. i am so glad that you are haveing fun! i miss you a lot a lot! the swim trips this year were so wierd without you! Love Kyle Perkins

merryn said...

Hey im so glad u liked ur package..Mum Dad and Rin say 'hi', and they r really glad to hear u liked the package too! i hope everyone enjoys ur tim it were me i probably wouldnt thats only cas im mean :P

i sent u an email back the other day..just so u no :)

cant wait to hear from u!

luv always

Pablo said...

I love your blog!
Many details, good explanations!