Sunday, October 12, 2008


hey guys!

Not too much new! Friday night Nikolai came home from Efterskole (boarding school) and brought his friend Otto with him. They decided they wanted to go ice skating and invited me to come along! So Maria drove us to this indoor ice rink in Odense and we rented skates. It was fun! Except.. i've NEVER been on hockey skates before! Only figure skates.. and hockey skates are a lot harder! And I was so surprised at how many kids were there! It was fun though! I just plugged my headphones in and skated around.. hehe.. But here's a picture of Nikolai and Otto!
Anyway! that's it for now! later gators.. love francine!


Mom said...


Francine St.Laurent said...

I'm working on it! Bjarke kidnapped my camera! :(

Mom said...

Good Pic! :)