Friday, October 24, 2008

the stipper dinner

(Gammam from Thailand and Francesca from Italy)

(Spejder Husen- the scout house)

Hej guys!

Last night we had a stipper dinner! Stipper is a Danish nickname given to exchange students. Instead of calling us udveksle studenter, they call us stipper (it's just easier). But we had a dinner for all the exchange students on Fyn, and their families if they wanted to come. It was so much fun! I was so happy to see all my pals! I haven't seen most of them for over 2 weeks.. and some of them 3 weeks. So it was great catching up! We had it a the spejder husen (boy-scout house) behind my it was funny that everyone came to my town and right next door.. haha.. (Peep, Daiki and Gonzalo)
(Kyla and Rebeca from Venezuela)

(haha I think this picture is funny.. it's Solvej and another AFS volunteer)

And then Kyla slept over at my house and today we're just chilling.. getting ready for her Goodbye Party tomorrow. We made Snickerdoodles too! (cinnamon cookies that are like a gift from heaven: I swear.) God it's been so long! They're just not the same though.. it's kind of sad. But the people here LOVE them.. haha. They just haven't tried them like when I make them at home though... haha
But ANYWAY! I better dash! I hope everything's good at home! Miss you guys! love francine

(my host mom Maria! I love this picture!)

(Anders my host dad, Jonathan (10) pronounced yonatan, and Frederik (8) which i'm not even going to explain how to pronounce because it's too hard.. haha) I love this pic! Frederik is so funny.. hah


court-knee said...

i basically bawled when you mentioned snickerdoodles!!! I MISS THEM SOOOOOO MUCH!!!! i dont know what i miss more, you or thecookies!! oh maaan snickerdoooooodles!!! i wrote a love song about them.
i love yooou more than a purple pooodle!!
you are oh so tastey
and better than pastey.
i dream about you every night
and cry when i think about our fight
snickerdoodles y can' tyou forgive me and come back?
maybe because a jet plane is what you lack.
sniiiickerdoodles sniiickerdoodles
better than a limp soggy nooooodles
and that is my song i wrote about your cookies that i miss everyday of my sad exsistence

Heather said...