Monday, October 27, 2008

kyla's farvel fest!


(Jonathan, Kyla & Frederik)

What a weekend! Saturday night was Kyla's farvel fest (goodbye party)! I'll get to that.. but i have a funny story about friday:
Kyla and I were at Bjarke and Solvej's hanging out and Kyla kept getting texts (SMS) from this Australian girl, a friend of Kyla's, Alycia. She was saying "when are you going to pick me up?" and kyla kept saying "why is she so worried about it.. the party is tomorrow!" and then Alycia said "i've been at the train station for 2 hours!" HAHAHAH.. she came on the wrong day!! Ahhh it was so funny! So we ran to the station to pick her up and then went back to Bjarke and Solvej's for a while and then back to my house to sleep. haha but GOD it was so funny! We will never let her forget it.. we tease her all the time. It's great..

(Solvej and Maria, who worked SO hard!)

(the dinner and my host dad, Anders)

Anyway! SATURDAY we went for a walk for the Spejder (boy scouts) and then we spent most of the day setting up for the dinner.. Solvej made Lasagna! ahhhh ahhhh (the sounds of angels singing..) it's the best! i swear! SO!
(Alycia and her danish boyfriend Mikkel)

(kyla and her host sister Mie)

After the dinner, which was fantastic, we went to the train station and picked up a ton of exchange students. And then the party started! It was so much fun! And I think Kyla had a really good time too :) SO ANYWAY! I have tons of pictures.. enjoy!

(I think this pic is
hilarious.. Jonathan & Rebeca)

(Rebeca giving Kyla a kiss!)

(Me and Pablo!)

(Adriana, my host brothers, another little boy, and Rebeca)

(Veronica from Chile, Quentin from France and me!)

SUNDAY MORNING we woke up and had breakfast. Also, we changed the clocks back an hour. After breakie a lot of people left and the few fortunate (like me) got to clean! And after EVERYONE was gone... Maria and I went home and relaxed for an hour or so.

THEN! There is this Circus in town and the boys, Jonathan and Frederik, really wanted to go. So Maria and I took them. I pretty much just wanted to see the Elephants.. but the juggling was also really cool. And 2 hours later, we got home and I crashed for 2 hours. I was SO tired!

So that's my weekend! Pretty exciting! And then this Saturday, Solvej, Bjarke, Kyla and me are driving 10 hours to the Czech Republic!! Kyla and I are so excited!! We can't wait! but i better go! I hope I can get another blog in before we leave!
love francine


court-knee said...

oh my NOAH!!! that was an extreme amount of excitement to take in!! expecially the fact that you dont very white anymore.ANDDDD i saw someone probaby kjdhf eating an orange object, im going to guess that this object is a carrot. how many times have i reapeatly told you how HORRIBLE carrots are for yooou!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! i guess a bazillion isnt enough for you foreign exchangers. anywhoseim just going to pretend that its still a ten hour difference because is an odd number, i just dont do well with odd numbersBY THE WAY!! I met sarsh freakin palin!!! yes yes i did, it doesnt matter that it was at a childrens carnival and it was a 2nd grader dressed up as her, its the thought that counts. oh ya and i found moldy bread

Anonymous said...

the cicus looks super cool! kyle

Francine St.Laurent said...

oh dude! exciting! moldy bread!

Mom said...

Newsflash: We Alaskan's also turned our clocks back on the same night.... so fear not, little daughter, no math required to figure out the time difference. :)

Francine St.Laurent said...

well.. then it was just HEATHER who didn't turn her clock back.. maybe she's been going to school an hour late every day? someone should let her in on the secret :)