Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Host Family!


Yes! I am VERY lame for not writing about my host family and my house when I first got here.. but better late than never, eh? (I actually have been thinking about it for a while I just haven't done it yet! hah..) SO! Here goes!
In my family I have 4 host brothers: Frederik (8), Jonathan (10), Nikolai (14), and Mathias (18). Mathias lives with another family and Nikolai is going to an Efterskole (like a boarding school that I wrote about a couple months ago) and only comes home on the weekends. So at home, it's me, Frederik, Jonathan, my host mom Maria, and my host dad Anders. Anders works with construction and Maria has been in training to get her taxi drivers license (she passed the test yesterday and we are all SO proud of her!) Anddd I'm not sure if I've told you, but Bjarke is Maria's older brother.. so he is my "host uncle" in a sense, which makes Solvej my "host aunt"!

OK! SO! My house: I took pictures a week ago.. so here they are!
We will start with my room.. (my room is actually cleaner now.. don't worry!)

then the upstairs bathroom is right down the hall.. and so is Nikolai's room.

If you go downstairs there's the front door..
and this is the downstairs..

(the kitchen.. bet that was hard to guess!)

where we eat
and our living room!

AND! Our house from the front and back..


Kyla said...

you know, those pictures of your house make it look really cool, i'm not saying your house is not kool, but those pics are just awsome:D

court-knee said...

i just wrote an AMAZING comment, and and computer deleted it!! ohdestruction!!!! oh catastrophe!! i just dont think i am srongenough to re-write something as amazing as it. sigh, im strong enough to tell you this.....4 out of 5 people die falling down stairs.

Heather said...

those stairs look verrry scary
just to let u know..
haha but the house
is very cute looking
it looks very cozy
but watch yourself on those stairs

Mom said...

FINALLY!!! I get to see where you've BEEN for the last 3 months! :)

Love you!

fadel said...

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fadel said...

I have sent you a massege concerning the hosting family, and I'm waiting for your response. my Email:

Jonha said...

Seems like you're having a great time in Denmark! I really hope to find a host family in that area too!

Anonymous said...

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