Monday, October 13, 2008

Exploring Copenhagen!


Ahhhh! Bjarke took me and Kyla (Kyla and I.. there kyla!) to København (Copenhagen) yesterday! It was so much fun! We walked around and took tons of good pictures! And saw lots and anyway.. i had so much fun!! So I will show you on a map what we saw! And how we got to København from Ringe.. We crossed a bridge from Fyn (Funen in english) to Sjæland (Zealand in english). This bridge is really two bridges that stops on the island of Sprogø. From Sprogø to Sjæland is the 2nd longest bridge in the world (used to be the first until Japan built a longer one).

So.. in København Bjarke had to go to work and so Kyla and I got a map from the Information center and walked from the town square (the center of Copenhagen) out to the Little Mermaid: about 6-7 kilometers (about 4 miles).

We walked down the walking street with all the shops.. (i bought a few postcards) and we went through Kongens Nytorv and bought fransk hotdogs.. (i'm currently looking up the name for them and am having no success.. i'll get back to you about that) And Kyla tells me that in the winter there is an ice rink/ring at Kongens Nytorv. Then we walked down Nyhavn. You probably know Nyhavn because it's very famous! Check out the picture.. And then we walked out to the Queen's palace and Frederik's church. We go to see part of the changing of the guards too! And then we went and looked in Frederik's church which was SO beautiful! Only downer of the day was that we left Kyla's camera in the church and when we went back for it someone had stolen it.. That sucked. But after the church we saw another fountain and then went to see the Little Mermaid, where we met Bjarke again. And then we went back to Ringe. (about a 1.5-2 hour drive) (the fountain in front of the Queen's palace and Frederik's church)

(Frederik's church)

So that was Monday! I hope you like the pictures! Today I am catching a ride with my host mom Maria's friend Peter up to Skanderborg near Århus to visit my friend Andrea from Italy until Saturday, so I won't have any new blogs until then! I hope everyone at home is doing good! I miss you! A big hug from DK! francine

Me and the Little Mermaid!


Geraldo Maia said...

Hello Francine,
Very beutiful photos of Denmark.
I liked of them all.
Best wishes from Brazil:

Mom said...

Thanks for including so many pics in your blog! We all love them! Helps put faces to names and feels as if we're seeing things right along with you! Love you.... Mom

Sophie said...

Deeeeeeeeear Francine,

I love that scarf. I want it. I'll have to go on a global scarf quest or something. I'm skipping that road trip this weekend, so I'm going to send the camera with someone trustworthy and tell them to click away. Nobody would bring one otherwise. WOO WOO. more pictures. Huzzah!


court-knee said...

wanna be where the people are
I wanna see, wanna see 'em dancin'
walkin' around on those
Whaddya call 'em? Oh, feet!!!!!!!!!!!! oh great now the song is only going to be stuck in my head for like....10 years!!! soooo im kinda craving ice cream right now. not like the lame frozen kind but the not so frozen but still soflty frozen kind. mmmmmm....not so frozen creaaam!!! ohhhh btw.... HOT DOOOOGS??!?!?!?!?!!?!?!? MIND BOGGLING!!!