Thursday, January 1, 2009


I can't believe we're in 2009 now! 2008 just flew by! And in Denmark, they ring in the new year with a BANG! Literally... I had dinner with Maria, her family and a few of their friends. And then I walked down the road to my friend Nicka's (who's in my class) friend's house for a New Year's party, which was SO much fun! It was a couple girls I know from my school, 3 girls from my class (Stephanie, Maria, and Nicka) and some other guys from our school.. and was really fun! Then I walked home for the BIG midnight! Bjarke explained to me that it's normal for kids to come home and wish their family HAPPY NEW YEAR! at midnight.. and then go back out and party! So I came home.. (and Solvej and Bjarke's friend Rene was here too) and had champagne and "jumped" into the new year! And then... I haven't mentioned the fireworks yet. Leading up to midnight.. people were lighting fireworks all night. (remember that it's hard to get good pictures of fireworks.. but Solvej and I like this picture)
Now, at home, we light the fireworks far away from where we're standing and we make sure no one is too close to them. Right? Here in Ringe, the houses are very close together.. so where do you think they light the fireworks from? Ummmm the street! And kids are going around with lighters lighting fireworks and not caring which direction they are going! When I walked to my friend's house from Maria's house I was SO scared! The moment I walked out the door this guy through a "flare" into the road. I was a little hestitant so I stood by the house.. not sure what the flare would do. And then BOOOM!! A bright white light and this HUGE BOOM! Then I was scared! It was like World War III at midnight! I mean, beautiful! I love fireworks! But not when kids are lighting them 2 feet from me.. not necessarily pointing up.
Men.. Godt Nytår! (but.. Happy New Year!) I hope you have a wonderful 2009! Be sure to check out my sweet 2009 glasses hehe..
love Francine


Anonymous said...

it looks like tons of fun! it wass freezing here so there were not too many fireworks being set off. Happy New Year! love Kyle

court-knee said...

what it is wrong with these people!! dont they know thats how people lose arms?!?!?! loing legiments is very serious and here in america....we take it seriously

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