Thursday, January 1, 2009

Ice Skating in Odense

Oooo I forgot to write about my ice skating! Last monday I really wanted to go ice skating at this rink in Odense that Bjarke and Solvej had told me about.. and I asked Nikolai to come with me! So we took the train to Odense and walked to the ice rink.. and Nikolai's girlfriend Kristine met us there! It was so much fun! I mean.. my ice skating is not so great.. but it was so beautiful with all the christmas lights and little kids smiling and running around. I really loved just sitting there and people watching too! haha.. just wanted to share.. love francine


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pcwilson72 said...

Hey Francie,

I work for the Danish Institute for Study Abroad in Copenhagen, the study abroad program for American college and university students. I will be taking my Biotech/Biomedicine students to Odense in early February and would love to take them to that ice rink. Do you know who I need to get in contact with about renting skates and the price of admission? Any idea what are the hours of operation? I hope you're enjoying your time in Fyn and you're always welcome to meet our 600+ American students that visit each semester in Copenhagen!