Saturday, January 10, 2009

Snaper the Rapper

Friday after school I went with Casper to this hang out place with some guys from school we know. It was so much fun! Just hanging out.. and then we have this new AFSer at school named Snaper from Hong Kong. He was living in Aalborg (remember I was there last week?) but now he's living in Årslev and going to my school. He's so cool! I really like him.. I took him around school on Monday and he hung out with my class. And today, Casper took me to this place and BOOM! There was Snaper! Already made friends and everything! (impressive for 1 week..) He told me that his class (which is a music class) had a rapping contest.. and Snaper got up in front of everyone and rapped in Chinese! Like.. what a way to make friends fast! Damn! Why didn't I think of that?? haha.. Then we were like "ohhh come on! rap for us!" So he did! And I managed to catch it on tape! It's amazing.. you have to see!
(I'm having trouble uploading.. check for the video tomorrow)

Today I met up with Daiki and Gammam in Odense.. some of the others were supposed to come but they didn't show up. And a lot of them (love em to death but..) are SO lame they don't ever want to do anything.. So we decided to come back to my house in Ringe and have a movie night! and Veronica came from Svendborg too! It was a really fun just hanging out and watching a movie. We watched "Mr. Magorium's Wonder Imporium". It was awesome.. it left me with a twinkle in my eye. That good. And Bjarke broke the news to me today: Since we started the gym at the beginning of December he has lost 16 kilos (over 33 lbs). Holy crap. I am waking up at 7 to spin for an hour at the gym. And I decided I'm not going to eat anymore. We'll see how long THAT lasts.. probably until I'm hungry again?


Anonymous said...

shnappi!!! :)

Francine St. Laurent said...

ichhhhh beinnnn SCHNAPPI! SCHNAPPI SCHNAPPI SCHNAPPI! oh mannn it just doesn't go away!