Sunday, January 18, 2009

Mad fra Hele Verden

Hej guys!
Wow have I been busy! I love that! I went shopping with Rebeca and Adriana last Wednesday and we hit all the January sales.. so much fun! And I got some dresses on sale.. whoo! Friday was Veronica's birthday! So I went to her house in Svendborg for pizza and then the 5 of us (all exchangies) walked to town and bummed around pub crawling which is just so much fun! So cozy! I will definitely miss that.. there's nothing like it at home.
Walking around on coblestone streets at 2 in the morning dancing and singing and running around town from bar to bar. There's nothing like it. So we had a really great night! Saturday I made brownies and hung out watching movies because Solvej and Bjarke went to Germany to buy cola and candy and stuff. Then I went with two of my danish friends, Rie and Lea (I spent Christmas with them, remember?) to see Australia in Ringe! Really good movie! but really long.. almost 3 hours!!
ANDDD today! Well I haven't written about it yet, but we have "mini stay students" here on Fyn this week.. a ministay is where you go to live with another family for one week so they can try having an exchange student and you can see how other people live and try living in another part of Denmark. So we have 17 ministay students on Fyn this week, plus our 12. So today we had this big event where all 29 exchangies make food from their country and bring their families! So we had ALL this food!
(Yannik from Switzerland announcing his food.. haha)
and then? the exchangies had to entertain everyone. And seeing as I'll probably be the only exchange student from North Pole on Fyn.. I just HAD to talk about Alaska and North Pole. I was SOOO nervous! I wrote a funny "speech" but it was pretty much interesting things about Alaska.. and what people here think about Alaska and what's actually true. And funny stories about things that have happened to me here. Everyone said I did really good! I hope so! I was so nervous!! haha.. but now it's done! We sang songs on stage, had skits, a Thai dance, a game and a Thai and Italian girl singing the Little Mermaid "under the sea" in Italian, Thai and Danish which was really cool! so a really fun day!
It took me a long time to figure out what "American" food I could make. We eat food from OTHER countries in America! So I figured out to make Macaroni & Cheese, Shepards pie, and brownies. And I brought little American flags on toothpicks from the 4th of July so everyone had little American flags everyone! It was so cool! haha..
(Rebeca's host sister Natalie)
I will go on ministay on Tuesday in Næstved (Sjælland) and live with another family. I'm really excited! I've been talking to one of my host sisters, Rie (I will have 2- 13 and 17 years old) and I will go to her Gymnasium with her! And today the 4 new kids coming to Fyn moved to their host families! So I will meet Sara.. a girl from Colombia going to my school, tomorrow! We have been talking a lot so i'm excited to meet her!
That's it for now! I will keep you updated..

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Really nice weekend :)