Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Edge of the Atlantic.. Way up North

Standing on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean.. thousands and thousands of miles from home (and 10 time zones).. you really realize JUST how far way you are. On Friday Bjarke, Solvej and I drove up North to visit some family friends, Jesper and Elizabeth, they're two boys, Emil and Mikkel, and they're new baby girl Kristine (only 14 days old!). And we stayed at Solvej's dad, Ove's house. He lives in a town called Pandrup, just miles from the ocean. It is amazingly beautiful! I love smelling the salt before you can see the water. There are huge piles of sand everywhere, and tons of beautiful, quaint summer houses (really freaking expensive summer houses...). And Bjarke says "OK.. your house is just THAT way! If you start swimming NOW then you'll hit Canada and you can just walk the rest of the way home, right?" It was just so pretty! Pretty darn cold because of the wind! but beautiful.. I can't wait to go back!

On Saturday we drove to Ålborg to go shopping! Ålborg has a huge shopping area! So many stores! And it is also really beautiful. There are Christmas lights and decorations up and there were SO MANY people out and about today. Solvej told me that today is the one of the busiest days for shops as people are returning and exchanging Christmas gifts. And it was! I also talked to this boy who was advertising about Greenpeace. I've read a bit about Greenpeace but didn't know very much about it. So (and I have to admit.. I was kind of embarassed to just go over and say hello, but Bjarke convinced me and YES BJARKE I'm actually happy that I did. I learned quite a lot and it was acutally really nice talking to him. He'd even been to Alaska before!) If you want to read more about Greenpeace check out It's a very interesting and a really great organization! I bought a couple pairs of funky earings from H & M which I'm pretty happy about! And Solvej bought enough socks to last her the next 10 years.. which she was happy about!

I don't remember the drive home.. I feel asleep as soon as the car left neutral and woke up on Nyvej (my road).. So I have a feeling I will be up pretty late tonight, with 3 extra hours of sleep under my belt. But I better go! Thanks again to all of you readers! I just found out a few more people are reading my blog and I am just as excited as I am appreciative. Thank you! love francine


Mom said...

Greenpeace is one of Dad's favorite organizations! He'll be proud of you for taking the time to learn about this wonderful organization!!! By the way, I was up on Murphy Dome, looking East through my binoculars and I thought I saw someone in a green wool coat waving at me all the way from Pandrup! :)
Love you! Mom

court-knee said...

ooh geesh you're one to talk about 10 years supply of socks! incase you dont remember the intense packing you had to do and the elimination of tank-tops, and having to cut you down anout ten t-shirts. really your a hoot

Mette Bekker said...

Hej Francine. Jeg læser også din blog, and I like it :) Jeg håber du har en god ferie og får et godt nytår!
And I haven't learned what the dog drinks of.. yet! I tried to explain it to a guy from Rumania, and I said.. BOTTLE!! I don't know what went wrong in my englishlessons :D
Kærligst, Mette Bekker

Mom said...

I totally remember the hours it took your friends to whittle your suitcase down about 10lbs (tanks and socks that you never even wore!) Short memory, huh, Courtney? :)

Heather said...

Haha so francine
im dying to know do you
really miss those many tank
tops you had in almost all
the SAME COLORS... lol
And you cant tell me that
you dont have enough socks
becuase we let you take like
a weeks worth! haha

Mom said...

OK........ I HAVE to say..... I sent Francine two packs of new socks in her Christmas box (which I don't think she's received yet. Oops! sorry to spoil the surprise, but I couldn't resist with all this talk of her previous packing dilemma and excess boring tank tops and socks!! Too funny!! I miss seeing you girls around the house ALMOST as much as I miss Francine!! :)