Sunday, November 23, 2008

Celebrating Thanksgiving in Denmark!

(the first pic of the day! )


I decided that as Thanksgiving is an American holiday, I would share it with my friends and family here in Denmark! (And we celebrated it yesterday, Sunday, because we can't on Thursday) I asked everyone in my class to bring a dish to share. I had this plan in my head- Chicken, mashed potatoes (katoflermus) and Pumpkin pie. hahaha.. Chicken for everyone cost 400 kr ($80) and I couldn't find PUMPKIN to make PUMPKIN pie or the stuff to make Pecan pie. So we had chicken nuggets and this awesome green and blue cake with pink frosting that my host mom made! haha.. And you know? It was SO GOOD!

There were 12 kids from my class, 3 exchange students, and my family. And we had SO MUCH FOOD! And I bought/borrowed the supplies so everyone could make a paper Thanksgiving turkey. You know in elementary school how we make the "thankful turkey" where you write what you're grateful for on the feathers? yeah, I made everyone make one! haha.. I think everyone had a really nice time! I know I did!

And thank you Maria, Solvej and Bjarke, my stipper pals, and my class for a really wonderful Thanksgiving!


jj.moore said...

I so wanted to do the paper turkey!!! We never got around to it. I made all of the food which was sooooo tiring, but so worth it. We did do the parade and football game though :D

Pablo said...

Sure pictures will be here soon!
I dont know how but they will!
Im still loving your blog! It is so good!
And thanks for a great day this sunday, we had so much food and so much fun!!
Vi ses senere

court-knee said...

what?!?!?!?!!?!? you didnt have a thankgiving foool!!! the turkey is the whole thing! its like hacing easter without the eggs, lik halloween without the candy/costumes! like groundhog day without the GROUNDHOG!!!!!

Dystopia27 said...

wow. you did an awesome job with your thanksgiving!
I wish i had thought about the paper turkeys but it's too late now.
It look's like denmark is pretty cool!
I'm jelious, but I'm having a good time in Hong Kong.

Keep in touch.

Meagan said...

Hey,I'm also an American living in Denmark. For the pumpkin pie,I buy those small pumpkins they sell here this time of the year,and roast it. Then,I blend it and-poof!-pumpkin for pumpkin pie!! Then,i just season it and pour it into a homemade pie shell. The best pumpkin pies I have ever had have been the ones I have made in Denmark!