Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A busy week!


I am slacking in my blogging! I just logged on an realized I haven't blogged in like a week एंड I've done quite a bit!
Lørdag (Saturday)- I met up with some other exchange students on Fyn- Pablo from Colombia, Veronica from Chile, and Francesca from Italy-in Svendborg, where Veronica lives. We went to the Naturama (where there ALL kinds of dead stuff animals). And then we met Veronica's host dad at Fotex (a grocery store) to buy food for the dinner we made! haha.. Pablo was SUPPOSED to (according to Veronica) bring a Colombian recipe.. but he didn't know/forgot so I suggested we make burritos. haha.. American style. I will upload pictures soon! (Veronica and Pablo have them)

Søndag (Sunday)-
Sunday we celebrated Mathias' birthday! Bjarke, Solvej, and Farmor (Anders' mom) came over at 14.00 (2 pm). My whole family was there and Pablo too because we hung out all weekend. We had Lagkage (pronounced lauww K) and hot chocolate!! Lagcake is Danish birthday cake and there are TONS of different kinds, but Lagcake in general the BEST CAKE EVER! And then around 18.00 (6 pm) we had dinner. It was so much fun everyone being there! haha.. but my head hurt so bad at the end because of SO much danish all day! You tire really easily when you are trying to understand.. and then try doing it for 6 hours non-stop. But it was such a good day! A good weekend! :) (this almost looks like the lagkage my host mom makes) Mandag og Onsdag (Monday and Wednesday)-
I have recently started spinning class too! Ok.. it is REALLY HARD but I feel SO good when I'm done! I haven't been exercising so I'm really excited to be going to spinning now! And the funny thing is.. I bike to spinning.. spin for an hour.. and bike home. In the rain.. gotta love biking! :)
But I am going every Monday and Wednesday and I really like it!

Tirsdag (Tuesday)-
My friend from school, Bolette and I took the train to Svendborg! We bummed around for a while and then had pizza (really really good pizza!!). And then we walked some more.. went into a Fotex (an everything store like Freds but MUCH smaller) and then took the train home again. It was SO nice! I really had a good time! I biked home and then went to Spejder (Scouts- girl scouts) next door to my house for 2 hours. And I was SO tired by the time I went to sleep!

So that's it for now! Today (Tirsdag or Thursday) we have an AFS exchange student dinner like we have once a month! So i'm really excited to be together with all my pals! Thanks for reading!
love francine


court-knee said...

oh my we are going to be able to crush a pepsi can with your humongo quads when you get back!! you cna be a body builder!!! that would be so cool/gross!!! we ould enter you in all these contests and win money an donate it to some african children, if there are any left,after angelina jolie adopts them all. and give them bikes!!

Pablo said...

And the exchange dinner was successful!
I really like reading your blog!
See you soon!