Monday, November 10, 2008

The Czech Republic- day 3 & day 4

hi again!

Hopefully you have already read my last post about our first two days in the Czech Republic! Now you can read about what we did on days 3 & 4!

day 3

(not sure why i'm making this face.. haha)

On Monday, our 3rd day in the Czech, we went shopping at the Yellow Market! I was freaking out because I haven't shopped for clothes in two months.. holding out for the Czech because it is SO much cheaper. I don't think it's good to go that long without shopping.. holding it in is NOT GOOD FOR YOU. Just as Solvej, Bjarke and Kyla.. I was pretty much going insane! But the Yellow Market is SO COOL because it is REALLY cheap and it's huge! It was so much fun! And for lunch, we had the best pizza at this Italian restaurant there. Then we went to this big shopping center called Letnany!

AND! Kyla and Bjarke made this deal.. if Kyla cut off all her bracelets.. on BOTH arms.. he would buy her a really nice bracelet. AND SHE CUT THEM OFF! It was a big deal! It's the weirdest thing seeing Kyla's arms! haha..

Then we were at this "sports bar" restaurant (as Kyla calls it) for dinner. THAT was good!

day 4

Tuesday! We woke up.. had a hardy breakfast and took off to see this castle (Bjarke.. I can't remember what it was called??). Unfortunately, it was CLOSED. We soon found out that MOST of the tourist attractions were closed as of 31 October. haha.. GOOD TIMING! But we did take some fun pictures outside the castle!

Afterwards we drove back to Litoměřice to see the catacombs and the tower.. but guess what? they were closed! haha.. we had a good laugh about everything being closed.. we just found other things to do :) We shopped some in Litoměřice and went back to the hotel to relax for a while. And we ate at this other REALLY good restaurant (which we went back to 3 times!). Back at the hotel.. we went down to the sports bar and bowled! That was actually fun! I just got mad cause I really really sucked.. :( But we had fun!

I hope you enjoy the pics! And come back tomorrow and read some more about our trip in the Czech Republic! love francine

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court-knee said...

the yellow market? any realtion to the market? like distant cousins or something? did you buy a cheap kidney?