Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Skole Fødselsdag and painting Pablo's wall

whew! It's been a while since I've blogged (ok so like a week?). Yesterday Bjarke was like "You're getting slack in your blogging!"
Last Friday my school had a big Skole Fødselsdag Fest - A school birthday party! Everyone brings their parents and then you sit with your class and eat food and listen to music/entertainment. And then the 3rd years (we have 3 grades at the gymnasium) are dressed really fancy, like prom, and they do some traditional dance and everyone watches them. It was pretty cool! And they have a DJ playing music in one wing of the school and a live band in another, and a place for the parents to sit and have coffee and cake in another wing. It was a really really good night! I enjoyed it so much!
Then Saturday morning.. Bjarke calls my house at 9.30 and tells me to bike to his house (in the rain) to call Kyla. I was not too happy. I had planned on SLEEPING. But Anders took me and it was actually really good to talk to her. I miss her like crazy! So ok, I'm glad I woke up at 9.30, I admit it. Saturday afternoon Maria took me to Pablo's house and Pablo and I made brownies (which I had to spin off last night...) and then Florian and Anazette (Pablo's temporary host parents) told him we could paint his room. We were supplied with paint and brushes and we went crazy! It was really fun! I have some pictures.. but again they're on Pablo's camera.. patience. Why don't I bring my camera? What an idea!
That's about it. Except that I want to mention I slept until 12.00 on Sunday! haha.. it was really fabulous! I will try to blog again soon! love francine :)

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