Sunday, November 23, 2008

Taasinge Julemarket!

Lørdag (Saturday) -

SNOW! The first "snow".. I think it is one of the coolest feelings in the world when you wake up and look outside and BOOM! everything is white! I love it! It was more like hail though.. little tiny white balls.. not real snow, but it counts for something! Plus, I look at it in a positive way: If it's snowing, it's too cold to rain! Which is a HUGE bonus!

But Saturday, Francesca (Italy), Pablo (Colombia), Daiki (Japan) and me decided to go to a market on Taasinge! So we all took the train/bus to Svendborg to meet there. I got to the Svendborg station and Pablo and Francesca were already there. And I said "Francesca, where are we going on Taasinge?" and Francesca says "Oh, just to the center of town.." and I said "But Francesca, Taasinge is an island...." haha.. Ok, it was pretty funny. (I love you Francesca!)

So anyway.. we found out where the Julemarket (Christmas market) was on Taasinge. The bus driver told us we had to walk 3 kilometers or so from the bus stop. HAH! We walked for an hour.. in the "cold". And when we got there, it was THE SMALLEST market.. haha with older people and we were SO COOL, because we were exchange students! haha.. So after the market, we went back to Svendborg and met a girl we know named Ida who did exchange in Indiana (USA) last year and had PIZZA. It was SUCH a good day, really! So much fun! :) Despite walking for an hour.. haha.. it was good for us!

(I was so proud that we made it so being the dork that I am, i took a picture of the sign! haha..)


court-knee said...

i think that feeling you get when you see it has snowed over night is dispare, anger, helplessness.

Heather said...

when i wake up in the morning and theres snow on the ground i cry to myself.

Francine St. Laurent said...

ok ok.. i mean the FIRST DAY of snow. All the other days blur into nothingness..

Pablo said...

Francine, I have read this blog several times, and you can not imagine how much i have been laughing, I remember Francesca´s face when you said "Tåinge is an island"
Hahahaha! So good my friend!

court-knee said...

the first day of snow is my dark day. as i sit in my closet crying i suddenly ralize how empty and useless my life is. yes thats what snow does to people