Tuesday, September 30, 2008



A quick blog! Last week we took a couple pictures of some of the kids in my sprogskole (language school) and I wanted to post them on my blog! Language school is actually getting much better! I like my teacher and I feel like I'm doing something PRODUCTIVE. It's good! On Monday we learned verbs and how to put sentences together. I feel like I already knew quite a bit just from talking at home and trying to talk at school.. but learning more verbs was really helpful! And I have sprogskole again tomorrow so that will be good!

Oh! I was walking over to Bjarke and Solvej's house on Sunday night to pick up some musik and I walked through the town square to take some cash out of an ATM and I just HAD to stop and take a picture because it was SOO cool! It was kind of getting dark and the lights were on and the fountain was going and NO ONE was there. One of those freaky and yet really cool moments, I think.. wait! ok so some guy was walking his dog.. but I just pretended he wasn't there... :) And anyway.. I got to call home on Sunday and it was SO nice to be able to talk to my Mom and Dad and Heather and Courtney! I tried calling a couple of you guys but no one answered! bleh! but I think talking to people at home helped my homesickness.. I feel a lot better!

Men jeg vil spise nu! (but I will go eat now!) Sooo I'll try to blog again in a couple days! francine


Pablo said...

Somebody is not in the picture...
Somebody lacks there!

court-knee said...

whollly camole. what in the world were you doing walking that late without pepper spray or a tazzer?!?!?! havent you learned ANYTHING from 101 dalmations??!?! there's crazy people out there!!well...those kids in your language school look (yes i am judging them by their covers) like they can speak some rather nice languages. none of them look like killers.