Sunday, September 28, 2008

A good weekend! and dealing with homesickness..

Hej guys!

Wow I had a REALLY good weekend! Friday I went to Kyla's school's party (the Gymnasium fest) and then her host dad, Jens brought me home friday night. Saturday morning and afternoon I helped make\prepare food because my host mom Maria and Bjarke's Farfar (grandfather) died last week and there was a funeral and wake for him.. so I helped make food. And then after that, we finished at like 4 and I went back to Kyla's house. Saturday was also Mie, Kyla's host sister's 18 Fødselsdag (birthday) so Kyla's host family was all together and it was SO nice! I had a really good time! And we slept in this morning and just chilled all afternoon.. and then Bjarke and Solvej picked me up and took me home. So we are about to eat and I thought I could write a quick blog! I know I haven't been writing! I'm sorry! But there hasn't been very much to write about.
But I DO want to talk about being homesick! I know you guys read a lot about how much fun I'm having and that I really like Denmark (and I do!) but it's also important that you understand that this is not a vacation. I have been getting homesick, and it's really hard. I am SO lucky to have people like Maria and Bjarke and Kyla and my friends at school (who are SO good to me!) that care about me and who I can talk to about how I feel. It's hard knowing that i'm missing things at home.. but I try to remind myself that I'm going home at the end of my exchange and I shouldn't be sad. I really do love being here, and I wouldn't change anything. But being away from home is hard. And you should know that being an exchange student involves dealing with homesickness.. it's not easy.
I don't have any pictures for this blog! Sorry! I know looking at pictures makes it so much more interesting! I will ask Kyla if she has any pictures.. But now I'm going to go eat! Thanks for keeping up with my blog! I miss you guys at home and am thinking about you! Love, Francine


court-knee said...

im waiting at this very momnet for you to call my house phone!! i was using the loooo when you called my cell!! hurry up and caaalll!!

Heather said...

Francine!! ha i miss yout to!!! and i was on my way into town when my mother said that u called so i rushed home and tryed to call u but it didnt work... :( so call my old cell phone please! 907-378-0448!!! i got a new one but it dosent have alot of min so if u call that cell i will keep it out today just for u to call!!

Mom said...

WHAT????? You're homesick???? I'm gonna print that blog and hang it in your room, so when you get home, and 5 minutes later you're sick of us again, you'll llok at that blog and be reminded of how much you really do miss and appreciate us. :)

We miss you, too..... especially when we have to wash dishes. :)

It was great talking to you this morning.... a perfect surprise... like waking up to the first snow this morning! Tell Bjarke thanks for letting you make calls today.

Love you..... Mom