Saturday, September 6, 2008

Hanging in Ulbølle :)


I went to Kyla's last night to sleepover in Ulbølle! I met three other exchange students from the Rotary that are Kyla's friends and go to school with her in Svendborg. Two of them are from Australia and have been here 8 months, just like Kyla. And the other girl is from Florida, so that was cool! We had so much fun! We made pizza.. (well kyla and her host mom made it.. we ate it!) and had ice cream and watched movies and slept on and off until three this afternoon. It was SO nice to sleep-in and just RELAX. I feel so good! haha.. and tomorrow Kyla's supposed to come over and hang out in Ringe with me and Bjarke and Solvej and then come over the my house so Maria can make Æblekage (applecake) for all of us! The æplecake here is much different than applepie.. it's so good! ahh i love it! But anyway.. Not to much else that's new.. just thought i'd catch you up on my weekend so far!

And thanks to everyone who's reading my blog and commenting! I like to know what you think of the blog and of what i'm doing over here.. So mange tak! (many thanks!) Francine :)


Heather said...

hey frano
sounds like u r having
fun over there. i wish
we were having pizza up here
lol. mmm apple pie :D
we all are thinking about
u and miss u up here!!
hope u r having a blast!

Danielle said...

Hey there! Dad and Chelsey returned from hunting camp today. Chelsey got a caribou and a moose. Dad got a caribou. I'll load pics to Facebook once he downloads them. Getting ready for a bonfire... everyone's heading over.... it's another PERFECT Fall evening! All is good, in Alaska AND Denmark! :)

Love you.... Mom

Sayhey said...

You're making me hungry, kid! (Not that this is a hard thing to do.) So we just started at this new church, and on Sunday one of the assistant ministers stood up and said "I just got back from visiting my family and I'd like to ask that we pray for them in N. Pole Alaska!" What a small world huh? Love you, girlie!

Danielle said...

How funny! WE just started going to a new church, and this lady stood up and said "My brother from Maine has been visiting my family and he FINALLY left..... let us pray and give thanks!" :)
Love ya, Sis!

Francine St.Laurent said...

haha.. NICE mom.. I seriously laughed out loud when I read that :)

court-knee said...

THEY HAVE PIZZA IN DENMARK!!?!?!?! how mind-boggling.