Saturday, September 20, 2008

Egeskov Market


I've been reading your comments! Thanks so much! haha.. I will TRY to blog more frequently! :) But I don't do exciting things EVERY day.. and I know you don't want to hear what I do at school. (hint hint.. it's close to nothing!) Last Wednesday, however, I did something VERY fun! I missed school (my first time since I started here) and went to this huge market, Egeskov Market, with Kyla and Bjarke! It was SO much fun! Probably even more fun because I got to skip language school too! I haven't been learning ANYTHING at language school and it's been really frustrating and annoying for me. But i'm trying to be patient.. So anyway! We went to Egeskov Market and then back to Bjarke's house to hang out. Kyla ended up sleeping over on Wednesday night (she slept over sund. tues. and wed.) because we just have SO much fun and Thursday morning Bjarke took her to an airport in Jutland so she could catch a ride over to the Netherlands (Holland) to visit her Auntie. So that was Wednesday! And you can look at my sweet pictures and see how much fun we had! OH! And on Tuesday, I had Kyla cut my hair a couple inches because 1) I trust her.. I've seen her cut someone else's hair and 2) It's SO expensive to get your hair cut in DK. But anyway! It turned out really good and I really like it!

Ok! Regarding the party I went to last week: yes it was a hangover. However.. I have been talking to a lot of friends at home and here in Denmark, and I'm in a sticky situation. Drinking is a normal part of life here. I can't explain and try to make friends at home understand how it is here and how drinking is viewed, because I know that it is viewed very differently in the United States. I haven't forgotten. But, at the same time, I hope friends at home realize that I am not becoming alcoholic. Drinking at a party or a drink here and there is NOT alcoholic. Please recognize the difference. And if you have any questions about how drinking is viewed and treated in Denmark, I hope you ask me about it. :) I will not be writing about what I drink and when on my blog from now on to avoid offending anyone.
I'm so happy that you guys are reading my blog and commenting! Please keep it up! :) Love Francine


court-knee said...

i find it fascinating that you drink!!!! at this very moment scarlet is trying to hope on the couch....but she cant because her legs are sooooo short. so im contemplating helpiing her out. i dont know, you gotta work for what you want i just dont think she is motivated enough. maybe if i were to put a nice juicy oreo on the seat she'd be able to hop on up there no problemo. she'd probaby jump through a flaming fire to save a 300 pound baby just to get an oreo, heck id run through a fire, climb up a burning tree to get a cat and fall down a 300 story builing just to get to an oreo. expecailly a banana oreo.

court-knee said...

by the way i forgot to mention that i thought that sign said "baby tatooes" and i kind freaked out because what kind of person would get a tatoo of a baby? oh and i think that you look like kanye west in those blind glasses