Monday, September 15, 2008

My weekend!

Hej everyone!

I'm sorry it's been so long since I last blogged! I haven't had too much going on actually.. I've been going to school and language school. But this Friday my school had a fest (party) and that was SO much fun! :) I went to a girl in my class house for a "before party" and then we all went to the Gymnasium (my school) party together! It was SO much fun! Kind of crazy that the teachers were selling us beer.. i'm still getting used to that.. and kids were smoking and drinking AT SCHOOL. But hey, it's Denmark!

And then I woke up Saturday with a VERY bad headache and only 6 hours of sleep under my belt.. and Bjarke called and invited me to go with him and Solvej to the market in Ringe and then for a nice walk.. So yesss I dragged myself down to the square and shopped around and then we went for a REALLY good walk down at Svanninge Bakker near to Faaborg and we walked around while Solvej took tons of cool pictures with her new expensive camera. AND THEN I got is (ice cream)! Good stuff.. I don't have any pictures right now but I'll put some on this blog in the next few days.. (hopefully)!

And then Sunday we just hung out at home, which was REALLY nice, and then we went to Anders' mom's birthday dinner.. She was surprising us with the place and we ended up going bowling! I wasn't very excited at first because I was still VERY tired from the party.. buttt it was so much fun! And then we ate and went back to Farmor's house (my host grandma's house) for coffee and chokolade (chocolate). Anddddd then we went to Bjarke's and I hung out there with Kyla, Solvej and Bjarke for a while and Kyla and I walked back to my house to go to sleep. And this morning Kyla took the train to Svendborg for school.. so it was super fun! We always have a good time when she comes and sleeps over! (at least i do.. hah)

Well... I hope everything is good at home! I miss you guys already! Is it cold up in Ak yet? Everyone here thinks it's getting cold.. he he.. it's TOTALLY not. I'm going around in tank tops and EVERYONE looks at me like my skin is green or something.. hah But I better go eat! I'm starving! Lots of love from DK, francine


Anonymous said...

Hej Francine

The place we went to is called: Svanninge Bakker, and it is near to Faaborg...:)



court-knee said...

ohhhh friiiiiiend!!! sounds like your a party animal!!! your gonna get used to partying every night and teachers selling beer that when you get back your gonna have withdrawls and you'll have to go to the same rehab clinic paris hilton went to, and it will be just plain crazy. its been around 50 or degreeeeeeeees, the point where my windows frost in the morning and since i dont have a defroster i have to drive with the windows down, oh and everything is orange!

Heather said...

i belive that headache u had
is what americans call a
hangover lol hope u r having
fun with all your parties
love heather

Anonymous said...

i really think that you need to blog more, i need more updates. love you and miss you Kyle Perkins

Emily said...

omg! i love the picture of you and your ice cream! you're just so darn cute!