Tuesday, December 9, 2008

recent discoveries..

I have been wondering to myself for the past month "When is the grass going to die?" In the middle of December we still have bright green amazing grass... I kept thinking "nahh it will die soon.." as our grass in Alaska does back in September. In Alaska we have a whole month where all vegetation is or just looks dead and depressing, preparing us for our 8 month winter. So I asked my friend Astrid the other day "So, when will the grass die?" and she's said "Die?! It won't die.. It's green all year, what are you talking about?" THE GRASS IN DENMARK DOESN'T DIE! Yeah ok it sounds kind of lame, but I can't understand how it doesn't die! I will have green grass ALL YEAR! Amazing.. truly amazing.. It's funny that it's not very cold here. It feels like October at home. I keep waiting for it to get colder (not WANTING but everyone is saying "ohhhh that cold danish weather!") I'm enjoying it! Some days it's really warm.. today it was kind of cold. But again-feels like October. It's just WINDY here.. that makes all the difference. So when it IS cold, it's really cold. And trying to keep your bike steady when the wind is pushing you onto the road is scary!

I wanted you to see what my mom just emailed me.. she says "BTW I read your new blog ..... you were born and raised in a frozen hell. Alaskan childred never know that it's actually warm and beautiful everywhere else for MOST of the year .... until they grow up and leave and discover it for themselves! Parents are careful to NEVER let them know the extent of their suffering, lest we ALL decide to leave this frigid cold hell that we call home. :) And so..... we just go to Hawaii or Mexico a lot!" haha.. so NOW you see how much I've been suffering! hehe

update on my eyeball- doing MUCH better! Hardly hurts at all.. and at least I can keep it open again! I've been wearing my glasses all week and everyone says "hey! new glasses?" hah.. I don't think it was pink eye.. just an eye infection or something.. who knows?
(These pictures are of Shannon from New Zealand discovering snow.. haha.. it was really funny to watch!) But that's about it for now! haha.. better dash! love francine


Pablo said...

I didnt know the grass dies XD
We also have green grass all year long in Colombia :P
Funny Girl!

Heather said...

the grass doesent die..
thats so WEIRD
i havent seen grass
in so long :(
and yet there u are
seeing grass everyday!
lol people over there
dont know what they r missing
without dying grass..

Francine St. Laurent said...

i know! and it's sad because everyone thinks i'm insane about being excited over grass in December! But it's really amazing!