Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Read my blog in your own language!

Hey guys!
I discovered something TRULY amazing today! My dad has been telling me that he was able to read read my friend Veronica's blog (link below on the right) in english, even though she writes in spanish! I asked him about it today and he said the option popped up when clicked on the link. But it doesn't do that for me.. soooo I went to google and found an html to add the language option to my blog! So now you can read my blog in Spanish, German, Italian, French, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, etc! And if YOU have a blog I highly suggest you add this feature so everyone can read your blog (hint hint Pablo, Rebeca, Shannon and Veronica..) If you have, go to Add a Gadget- select HTML/Javascript and add the html! You can find the html at (number 1 is the one I used)
Good luck! love francine


Mom said...

You're so damn clever..... what are we gonna do with you?????? BTW I LOVE the clock! Saves me from having to do the math. :)
Love you! Mom

court-knee said...

oh boy....i LOVE reading your blog in a different language seriously puts a new perspective on everything

Emily said...

you resourceful little bugger you!