Sunday, December 7, 2008


hej guys,

I've been keeping pretty busy! But this past week I moved out of my host family's house. My host mom, Maria, started a new job and because of the hours, my contact person Bjarke and the head of AFS Fyn, Benthe decided that it would be better if I moved to Bjarke and Solvej's house for the rest of the year. So, last Thursdsay I moved to Solvej and Bjarke's house. Basically right down the street.. haha.. It's going really good here! And I really really like Bjarke and Solvej! They have been so good to me! So anyway.. that's the lastest news! And my new mailing address is
Nyvej 18
5750 Ringe, Denmark

of course, if you've already sent things to my previous address, don't worry. I will get it! And then on Saturday we had a Julefrokost (a Christmas lunch) for AFS Fyn at the Spejderhytten (scout house.. pictures coming soon!!) and it was SO MUCH FUN! Really..we had such a good time! And afterwards Bjarke drove me and Rebeca to her house in Nyborg and I spent the night. We went out and met some of her friends (which was really cool too!) and hung out.. haha it was great! And then we went back to her house and slept.
The only bad thing about this weekend was that I got this "eye infection" we're calling it right now.. I could hardly keep my right eye open and it was a little swollen and red and it was just crying (can you say that your eye was crying?) So that was fun! I took the train home from Nyborg to Odense to Ringe (because the train doesn't go from Nyborg to Ringe) and was home in 30 minutes. And then Bjarke rinsed my eye out with "eye water" .. like salt water and I wiped it with warm water and it feels better.. definitely better! But it still hurts.. we'll see how it is tomorrow! (as i know how important it is for you to know about my eye.. haha)
But yeah! After that we went to Mathias' fødselsdag fest (birthday party).. Mathias' is this boy who's family used to live next door and are good friends with Bjarke and Solvej. I came along because I've met Mathias and his sister Nanna a few times and they said I could come. hehe and I gave him a pack of Razzles (my favorite!!) an Alaska key chain and a Polar Bear kiss (a chocolate pepermint candy).
So yeah! Now i'm about to go to bed! Give my eye some rest! But I wanted to fill you in! And as Bjarke says I am slacking (again... yeah i know) in my blogging I will work harder keeping up! Thanks for everything guys! I really love hearing from you guys at home and those who read this! Thinking of you guys and having fun here in Danmark.. love francine


Heather said...

thats to bad about ur eye!
have u ever had pink eye? because u can barley open ur eye when u get that and it waters alot lol. im glad u switched families and are now happier. talk to u soon!~heather

Francine St. Laurent said...

yeah i've had pink eye! but like in 3rd grade.. a while ago. It's a little better today.. but it still hurts really bad.

Mom said...

Hello dear daughter! I love your maps! :) Hope your eye is better.... it does sound like pink eye. (I have just two words: hand washing) All I could think after I read your blog was "eye juice". Yuck!

Love you! Mom

Emily said...

when you talked about giving your eye a rest and going to bed i definitely had a mental picture of you trying to go to sleep with only one eye closed. giving BOTH a rest is just plain out of the question!
oh darling how i miss youuuu
hope your christmas is marvelous!