Monday, May 11, 2009

Picnic weather..

All last week was rainy and just cold and crappy outside. Evelyn and I were together from Thursday afternoon until Saturday night! haha.. I love her! We just have a blast "doing nothing" together.. and I can't even tell you how much I am going to miss her. And leaving her behind gives me this icky feeling in my stomach (hopefully because i'm sad.. not because i'm sick!)
Sunday Evelyn and I had planned an exchangie picnic up on a hill by the lake! Luckily after 7 days of rain, it was such a beautiful day. Blue sky. No wind. 10 of my best pals.. and chocolates. Ok and Isabel from Venezuela brought carrots. hah! Just a plain wonderful day. A day for the books.. Here are some of my favorite pictures. But you can see my pictures, and Pablo's pictures at and
Thanks to all my pals for a fabulous day! I love you guys..


Heather said...

ahh the weather in those pictures looks so good! i wish we had sunshine and green grass like that! looks like yall where having lots of fun too. awesome pictures. miss you lots

Anonymous said...

We love you to :D It was a wonderfull dag :) we have to do something again :)
See you :) Vero