Sunday, May 24, 2009

Ålborg Karneval!

I just got back from visiting Ove, Solvej's dad up north in Pandrup! I took the train to on Friday (4 hours on the train.. with no seat) where Ove picked me up and we drove to Pandrup where he lives. It was a really nice visit.. we drove out to Blokhus by the ocean too and it's just so beautiful there.. especially when the sun is going down! Saturday we went to the Ålborg Carnival! I have never seen anything like that in my whole life. Chaos. Like the party of a lifetime. I thought of Ingrid and her crazy robot costume.. there were SO MANY awesome all-out costumes! Ove and I stood in one spot for over an hour and saw SO many cool costumes and crazy people! It was so cool.. and I am amazingly happy I got to see the carnival! I'll upload some of my favorite pictures and you can see the rest at

Thank you to Ove for a really nice trip! love francine


Camille said...

Yay! Summer i Danmark. hahah

It's so weird to think about going home. It seems like you're really thoroughly enjoying it. I'm glad (:

I hope we get to meet one day. It would be awesome :D

keep writing, I love to read about your experience!

jj.moore said...

Hey, updating myself on your blog and it looks like you've been having oodles of fun lately. The carnival looks like it was a lot of fun. Only four weeks to go. I can't decide if I'm happy to go home or sad to leave Denmark. I think it might be both....

Ingrid said...

Haha I'm still famous! Yus!
That looks really great though! Anything that involves a costume is great.