Saturday, May 23, 2009

Last Day of School

Wednesday was my very last day of school. It's so unbelievable. Honestly.. I have been counting down the days for the past 2 months. School was an obligation, I was just so bored.. and I really dreaded going. I went because I love my class and my friends.. but the fact that I'm done now! No more long boring classes that I can't understand.. no more surfing the internet and checking my email a million times. But also, no more goofing off with my friends, and going outside or to the canteen during breaks. I will miss them so much.. and it's taken me a while to realize how much I will miss them. After school Wednesday we had a picnic by the lake (because it was my last day) and it was so so nice! About 15 kids came and we had snacks and just talked and I took lots of pictures! I bought a Danish flag last week and had all the kids in my class sign it! And it is just SO cool.. that everyone in my class wrote me a little message!

After the picnic, I took the train down to Svendborg and slept at Vero's house! I was SUPPOSED to make pumpkin pie.. cough cough.. but I didn't and YES I feel bad Vero! But I WILL make it for you guys! I SWEAR! (I promised to make Pumpkin Pie for Veronica and her host mom Sophia and host sister Viktoria) Anyway, Vero made a really delicious lemon kind of pie! We all watched "the Butterfly Effect" which was horrible- I really hated it! It's so confusing.. and then Tarzan.. and went to sleep at 3 am.. hah! Thursday my pal Evelyn (from Guatemala) and Isabel (from Venezuela) came down to Svendborg and we all went to the beach and relaxed and got ice cream and just had a really nice day together!

Thursday night my class had a barbecue party at a girl in my class, Sara's house. I was literally home for 20 minutes from Svendborg and then Bjarke drove me to Sara's.. and it was SUCH a great party! So much fun! And such great food and company... I am lucky to have such wonderful friends! Here are my favorite pictures...
love francine

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