Sunday, March 15, 2009

Helpful but Clumsy

Last Saturday we celebrated Solvej's birthday.. again! this time with the neighbors and their kids. I know all of the kids but actually didn't spend much time talking with them. We had a few laughs about the little girl Emma telling a lot of really bad jokes though..
And I called home to talk to my brother.. who was sleeping at 12 pm. So I talked to both my mom and dad which was really nice! I wish I had gotten to talk with my brother Elliot though.. and I've tried calling again a couple times but I'm hoping he will call me back soon! After I talked with my parents I decidd to be nice and helpful by cleaning up and washing dishes at 1 am. haha.. I think Bjarke and Solvej really appreciated it and as I've learned, it never hurts to be nice! I also spent 2 hours on Saturday peeling boiled potatoes - I have now become a professional potatoe peeler. One lady even said to Solvej "wow.. maybe I should get an exchange student?" haha..
And in exchange for being forgiven I've been asked to mention this on my blog : Although I was very helpful by doing dishes and cleaning the previous night, the next morning I woke up very tired and went to grab a cereal bowl, pulling two other bowls down and breaking them on the floor. Bjarke's favorite 18-year-old bowls. I am very very sorry. So I am helpful... but I'm also clumsy.

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Anonymous said...

to bad the post office kept your hogwarts letter because magic would have helped alot in your situation