Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Not too much new since we got home from the Czech Republic! Thursday and Friday Evelyn and I were back in school. And Friday night my class had a PĂ„skefrokost (Easter lunch more like a party) at my friend Julie's house and that was a lot of fun! I made (Bjarke made) some damn yummy Mac-n-Cheese that I brought and it was just fun hanging out with my friends and really getting to talk to them! It had been a while because I missed a bit of school for our holiday. Saturday and Sunday I was basically at home just relaxing and sitting outside in the sun, reading and writing and watching movies. It was so relaxing and really nice to just kind of be to myself.. But Saturday night I went to see Sys Bjerre, a pretty popular singer here in Denmark, with Daiki in his town, Rudme like 15 minutes away. It was a really good concert! She's pretty good live! And the concert was kind of, althought I didn't realize before I went, for little girls. So all these little girls (like 10-13) brought their parents and it was just so funny. All the little girls in the front jumping with Sys Bjerre! and the parents in the back.. and me and Daiki and my friend Katja who came with her little sister. It was really fun! And when the concert was over Sys Bjerre sold t-shirts and was giving autographs.. I got a picture of her signed! whoo hoo!
Yesterday, Tuesday Evelyn and I met up after school and went down by the lake and talked in the sun, and then walked around the lake and lay down and talked more.. it was just SO nice! It feels so good to have the sun again! We came back to my house and ate left over Lasagne and ended up talking a lot with Bjarke and watching a movie! A really great day! I felt so good going to bed reading my Harry Potter book..nothing else to report! francine


Camille said...

Denmark is so great in the spring/summer.. !
And hahaha Sys Bjerre. That's just too funny! Especially because you are an exchange student. But hey, concerts are fun, and I'm sure you had a greaaaaaat night!

and in respons to your comment, I really like your blog! So keep posting too :D

Anonymous said...

sigh, friend i am afraid you are going to become a harry potter nerd and will want to read in the back of the library with corey hase. if you want we can play my harry potter trivia game i got when i was twelve when you come back.'

Solvej Illum Mayland said...

jeg synes ikke du skriver sÄ tit mere:-(