Saturday, April 4, 2009

and the holiday begins.... NOW!

Not too much to report! I've taken the last 3 days off school to help the girls (Karen and Evone) and Andreas in the shop connected to our house a woodworking shop called Intarsia. You can read more about what kind of woodworking they are doing there at But they are repainting the house (our house) and shop this week so I helped them. And it was so much fun! Hard work.. but nice to have a change from school and get outside for 7 hours a day! I just popped in my Harry Potter listening books and zoned out which I loved!
Tomorrow morning we're headed off the Berlin! We are now officially on Easter holiday until the Tuesday after this Tuesday.. and I'm ready to go back to the Czech Republic! Evelyn is coming with us this time and I think it will be really fun! So don't expect anything on the blog until sometime next week.. Hope everyone's good at home! love francine

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Anonymous said...

you dork. harry potter listening thing i know you will write a blog dedicated to chemistry