Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Second Graduation

Since I last wrote I have been EXTREMELY busy! Last thursday, the 24th I finally saw my classmates! It was a Kodak moment if ever there was one.. Bjarke drove me over to where my classmates were decorating our lastbil - the truck we drive around for 2 days after Graduation - and before we even pulled into the lot my friends were running over smiling and shouting my name! And I couldn't get out of the car fast enough - damn seatbelt! To be honest, I was worried and nervous to see them, anxious and excited too! But nervous that things might be different or that I would stick out from the rest of the class... To my huge relief and comfort I slipped right back into the class, with my friends and it was like I never left! It feels unbelievable to be with them again, to see my pals and celebrate finishing school! They are SO relieved to be finished with their extremly stressful oral and written exams.. as I was when I finished in Alaska!

We had a party/dinner at the school Thursday night and I got to catch up with everyone! Then Friday morning at 10 am was dimission where my friends Graduated and Bjarke and I were their personal photographers! We cheered and hooted and then afterwards we went outside and in front of the school took a class picture, where despite a few teachers' protests about my being in the photo, my classmates grabbed me and insisted I was going to be IN the photo because I was IN the class. Horrah!

Then it was straight into the lastbil truck which was pimped out.. And thus we began our 2-day party by hooting and hollering all the way through Ringe! There are 27 students in the class, plus me, and we visited EVERY kid's house where we were greeted by parents and family. Solvej was up all night the night before making pizza rolls for us and setting up! And then when we did get to my house on Saturday I was greeted by my host brother Nikolai who I hadn't seen in a WHOLE year and it was fantastic! I was just hugging him to death... And because we have to go to 27 houses, we only stayed at each house for 25 minutes and then drove to the next.. What a blast! Friday night we slept at Sara's house in the "barn" and woke up Saturday and began to drive at 10 am... God we had SO much fun! I went home from Julia's house, where the party stopped Saturday, and was in bed by 8.30 pm I was so exhausted..

How incredible that I was lucky enough to celebrate my Danish class' graduation with them, and with my own student hat too... Thank you so much 3a fra MFG.. SHA LA LA LA LA! I also learned a great cheer that is now ingrained in my memory.. even when I sleep! "Der er kun en rigtig hue og den er rød! Der er kun en rigtig hue og den er rød! Man kan også få en blå en men det alt for let at få en.. der er kun en rigtig hue og den er RØD!"

Today I woke up pretty early.. we hung out at home and then Solvej's Dad Ove visited us all the way from Pandrup in the north of Jylland. It was so great to see him! Then Solvej, Bjarke and I went to visit Anizette and Florian and it was fantastic to see them too! Pablo lived with them for some time while we were exchangies, so I took some pictures of his old room that's being renovated, the pets and such.. He will be so jealous of me! Right Pablo?? :)

Having a blast and definitely keeping busy!


Pablo said...

No no, Pablo wouldn't be jealous at all hahaha!
I read all your blog, it is so great to read what you write again, it had been a while no reading your posts! Keep blogging!
BTW, I also spit out the black seeds of the watermelon haha!
Love you!!

huynhtanngoc said...

i look so greate

Anonymous said...

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