Friday, August 21, 2009

back in the swing of things

Slowly my life becomes more and more back to "normal" and I feel myself getting back into the swing of things. Seeing familiar faces and running into friends and old teachers. Starting school. Sometimes I'm amazed that I've been on the other side of the world, lived a different life and made lifelong friends and family, and now I'm back here in North Pole, Alaska in my old school, and in my own bed. How fast time flies. And you don't realize how much something means to you - how significant a period, a phase of your life can be, and how much you will miss it, until it's gone. I think if I could give advice to the newbies over in Denmark, to all exchange students and to everyone really, is to embrace every moment of every day. Document your time to look back and remember, take it all in. And have no regrets. I miss Denmark, but mostly what Denmark and my year there represented. And what I learned.

Every exchange student spends time thinking about home and what they're missing there, the gossip, their friends. But coming home, I realized that it was almost wasted time worrying and thinking about it. Because nothing's changed. No one's changed. The school is the same, the people are the same and you are the only one that has matured. OK that sounds cocky, but every returnee will understand what I mean. You are not the same person you were when you left, and you left so anxiously to seek out the world and grow and learn. And you did. But when you come home, you expect people to be different and life to have moved on without you. But when I stop and look around, I feel like I'm 15 again (hah...) No one has changed. They still laugh about the boy who looked at the girl in Science class, or whose underwear fell out of their gym bag. My advice being: exchange students- don't waste your precious time thinking about home, or looking at pictures on facebook and wishing you weren't missing prom or something. Go out! Make friends! This is your year.... and I'm so jealous of you! hah..
But an exchange is only special because there's a limitation on time. If it was never ending you wouldn't treasure it and it wouldn't affect you so.
Thank you readers. I am constantly impressed by HOW many people read by blog, and maybe not every day! But the fact you take that extra second to see what I'm up to means the world to me. If there are any questions of course by now you know just ask away! My goal is to share what I know! Take care guys..
love francine


Solvej Illum Mayland said...

det ser ud til at du er ved at falde til der hjemme, det er godt, for det er der dit liv er, vi savner dig hver dag. men håber vi ses snart igen
knus og kys

Anonymous said...

Hallo! I just stopped by and I think it's really beautiful what you wrote. I'll keep reading!