Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Leaving for Australia!

WOW! I can't believe I've been back for almost 2 weeks now! The time has just flown! At first... I was really excited to be back.. to be in my own bed again and see my friends and family. I've been with friends ALMOST every day and just having a blast catching up! And it is exciting.. there's so much to talk about.. foods you've missed.. people you forgot about.. catching up on gossip! I run into people in town that I forgot about.. or haven't thought of in a year. And you always get the same basic questions: "AH! How was... Belgium?" DENMARK was great, thanks! and they say "You must be so happy to be home!" You can't say "Ummmmm No not really.." So I've learned to just tell them what they want to hear: "Yeah I'm so happy to be back!" Which works, because no matter how interested they seem in your past year.. they actually don't want to talk about it. Or maybe they are genuinely interested, but they don't want a saga of your experiences.
It's definitely difficult. The initial excitment of coming home is gone, leaving my longing to return to Denmark, my Fyn family, my real life. I hate to say that.. I feel like I'm betraying my family here .... my friends here. But it feels like I'm stuck in the middle (as Mika says.. hah!)... my family here.. my life here.. and my REAL life in Denmark. And no one understands.. they expect you to be thrilled to be home.. and moving on. Moving away from your life in Denmark, because in their eyes, Denmark is NOT your life. Alaska is your life. And it's not for me..

Yesterday I was making food in the kitchen and the radio started playing "You've Got a Friend in Me" by James Taylor. And seriously... I just started bawling! Because it reminds me so much of my Fyn family.. my exchangies.. Bjarke and Solvej. And I miss them so much. I love them more than anything.. and being away is... well at first it didn't seem so horrible because it wasn't quite REAL. But now it is because they're so far away... and I just want to go home.

Anyway.. tomorrow my family leaves for Australia! Which is great! I AM excited.. but I'm also just getting settled here.. and I hate thinking about taking another plane.. packing again. GAH.. but I know once we're there it will be great and I'll really enjoy it! So I'm just sucking it up.. knowing it will get better.

Thanks guys for reading.... as always.. I love knowing someone on the other end cares about what's going on in my chaotic brain. So TUSINDE TAK! Keep it up team!


Anonymous said...

Congrats ur bag got found

Anonymous said...

yea im glad your bag was found as well--heather

Andy E said...

Hey Francine.

I am so sorry that I missed your comment back in May!!! I am really new to blogging and this is the second time I have even been on. haha. I leave in 5 days which is really weird, because I can remember counting the days and it was like 220 some days. I am so excited and cannot wait to spend a whole year in Denmark.

Now for your question. This may seem lame, but I really do not have a distinct reason I chose Denmark. When I was 13, I was set on studying abroad and I wanted somewhere in Europe and Denmark seemed interesting. I read about it and kept learning more and more about it and I just fell in love. I loved the size, the language, their sense of humor, their history, etc. Now, I cannot see myself going anywhere else. It just seems like such a great fit.

I am so glad that you inquired about my trip. Feel free to check up on my blog or send me an email to see how things are going. {} I would love to talk to a former "Dane" while in Denmark!

I hope that your transition back into American culture is smooth and that you have a wonderful summer. Keep in touch.

Andy E